Schüssler salts and facial analysis

Schüssler Salts; Dr. It was described by Wilhelm Schüssler in 1873. Mineral salts are essential for the healthy functioning of our body and their deficiencies cause various acute and chronic diseases. Dr. Schüssler focused on the mineral balance in the human body and stated that the healing mechanism could be activated, especially by compensating the mineral deficiency in the cell with Schüssler minerals, which are directly related to cell metabolism.

Dr. Wilhelm Schüssler went to India, where there is a tradition of cremating people after death, and examined the ashes of the people who were cremated there. As a result of all these researches, he identified 11 main minerals that are intensely found in tissues and necessary for a healthy functioning. These mineral salts are today ” Dr. Schüssler Salts” or ” Cell Salts is defined as ”. Dr. The most important thing that impressed him during Schüssler’s search was one of the researchers, pathologist Virchow, who said “ The disease of the body is the same as the disease of the cell ” was the word. The truth accepted today is that; The healthier our cells are, the healthier we are.


The father of facial diagnostics, Hickethier discovered 24 different facial signs that identify mineral deficiencies in the body. These mineral deficiencies are manifested on the face with symptoms such as color, wrinkles, shine, pores, sagging, and all mineral salt deficiencies can be understood without error with these 24 signs.

When the body is fed with minerals suitable for the biochemical healing method, all body functions are in good order, the body’s self-healing ability is activated and healing begins. Sometimes, even the deficiencies that cannot be detected by examinations can be easily read from the face.

Diagnosis is made only by reading the facial markings.

All the client has to do is that day without using any skin care, sunscreen or cosmetics.


Tablets are taken either by sucking under the tongue or by chewing, depending on the type of product. Thus, it is rapidly absorbed from the mucosa. These minerals are able to pass through the cell membrane because they are of micro molecular size.

Schüssler Mineral Therapies are completely individual. A program is created by determining personal deficiencies and needs with the face diagnosis method.

These minerals, which have no side effects, can be used safely even in children and pregnant women.

It can be given as an adjunct with pharmacological drugs or as a basic treatment. Schüssler salts do not destroy the curative effect of the pharmacological drug, but also protect them from the harms of the chemical drug.

Schüssler Salts can be used in all diseases, acute (cold, flu, headache, muscle stiffness, sunstroke, etc.), chronic (rheumatism, fibromyalgia, allergy, diabetes, goiter, etc.).

Other extracellular nutritional deficiencies can be supplemented with other macro mineral and vitamin tablets.

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