school maturity

school maturity; It means that the child reaches a certain level in terms of physical, mental, social and emotional development and is ready to successfully fulfill what is expected of him at school.

When a child who has not reached school maturity cannot fulfill the expectations of the school environment, he will develop negative feelings and a negative attitude towards school. Therefore, it is very important to identify children who are not ready for school.

We assess whether a child is at school maturity using various observation results, intelligence, developmental tests and performance assessment tools. In the light of the data we have obtained, we determine the compatibility of the developmental course of the child with the chronological age. The methods we use to determine School Readiness are briefly as follows:


The chronological (real age) and mental development of the child is determined. Visual and auditory perception level is examined according to age. It is evaluated whether the sense organs are sufficiently developed or not. In this method, the most frequently used data collection tools are developmental screening and intelligence tests.


One of the most important development areas for school life is language. Children who cannot speak fluently and cannot express what they think at the required level may have difficulty in adapting to educational activities. Having language development at the required level is the primary condition for school maturity.


Fine and gross motor development of a child with school maturity is appropriate for his age. He can do the movements shown. In particular, he has fine muscle development that can hold the pen and write. Without these features, it will be difficult for the child to adapt to school life.

Along with these, emotional development, social communication skills, attention perception, eye-hand coordination, self-care etc. school maturity of children in terms of Learning Academyin the wiscr Intelligence test, Wisc-IV Intelligence Test metropolitan School Readiness Scale, School Preparation Test and Forstig Visual PerceptionIt is determined based on the data of the tests, family history and performance determination processes.

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