School is opening, what to do in terms of coronavirus (hygiene mask distance strengthen immunity)

While information about the coronavirus is renewed every day, it seems that parents are especially concerned about protecting their children.

In fact, influenza-like infections that affect millions of people every year, so the aim should be to prevent the spread and transmission with similar measures.
Main things to do:


– Before and after meals, before and after contacts, hands should be washed with soapy water, including fingers, for 20 seconds, if there is no soapy water, hand disinfectant should be used.

-Teach children not to touch their faces with their dirty hands

-Make sure to use a tissue when sneezing and coughing, and then throw it away. If they don’t have a tissue, teach them to cough or sneeze towards the inner elbow or wrist, not the hand.

– Do not send a child who has symptoms of illness (fever, cough, sneezing, inability to smell, etc.) to school because this will cause the infection to spread easily to other children.

– Avoid being in closed areas or crowded public areas, especially shopping malls, and teach them to be careful when touching surfaces there.

B-mask: teach to use mask in crowded environment and classroom

C-distance: teach them to observe social distancing whenever possible and not to shake hands with friends while at school.

D-strengthen immunity:

-Make sure they eat a healthy and regular diet and consume plenty of fluids.

– adequate and regular sleep

If there is a deficiency of vitamins necessary for the immune system, supplementation should be provided.

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