School Adjustment Process in Children

The process of starting school is the process of leaving the safe environment of children and being included in an environment where other children and adults are present. This exciting process can also be an anxiety-inducing process for parents and children. In this process, the child, family and teacher should be considered as a team. It is important to plan and execute the process correctly so that this team can establish a secure relationship. So how can we manage this process in a healthy way?

First of all, you should make sure that you choose an institution that you trust, that you feel completely comfortable with and that is suitable for you and especially for your child. After choosing the institution, the process of orientation of the child to school begins. In the process of preparing your child for school, you can visit the school with him, talk about going to school (why should he go, what he will do there, who will be there, etc.), you can buy school supplies together (it is important to make a choice for the child and respect his choices), draw pictures about the school and read books. You must be clear and honest with your child. You can describe the school process in simple terms (when will it start, when will it end, how many days will it go, where will you be, etc.)

During the orientation period, the aim is to get the child into the classroom quickly. Psychologist Selin Banu Özcan
shouldn’t be. You must be with the child’s feelings during the adjustment process. It is normal for the child to experience separation anxiety and cry during this period. You have to give him time in these moments and approach him with compassion from a place that understands him.
Note: The most important thing is that the school orientation is yours.
that you have completed and the separation process
You have to make sure you agree.

Remember, anxiety is contagious, your anxiety is passed on to your child.

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