Scattered Brain Syndrome

The desire to be an excellent employee at work, to fulfill the responsibilities given to him exceedingly, to help others even while doing his own job, to fill the slightest gap with another job, to try to do more than one job at the same time and the stress created by this.

Do not find yourself reading messages or answering emails when you receive messages, e-mails or any stimulus that will draw your attention in that direction while preparing a project, studying for an exam or trying to complete a job. On the one hand, the stress of unfinished work, on the other hand, the desire to respond to other stimuli, do these sentences sound familiar to you?

Sometimes working in a busy schedule, the desire to fulfill the responsibilities from your bosses as soon as possible, the desire to finish the work quickly, e-mails to be answered, messages to be read; It encourages the person to handle more than one task at the same time. While many things to be done are waiting for you at the table, trying to do all the things to be done at the same time to save time; It can cause you to experience “scattered brain syndrome”.

The best way to do a job; is to focus on the job. Contrary to popular belief, when our brain is busy with more than one task at the same time, it saves time and does not complete many tasks; have difficulty concentrating on the task to be done, and mistakes can be made as a result of distracted attention. For example; Just as you cannot focus on the movie you watch or the book you read when you are very sleepy, the brain has difficulty focusing on many tasks when multitasking.

What Are the Symptoms of Scattered Brain Syndrome?


Distraction while doing chores

loss of motivation



Not getting the desired efficiency in job performance

Frequent mistakes

Depressive symptoms can be seen

What Can I Do to Overcome Scattered Brain Syndrome?

Instead of doing many jobs at once, build your schedule so that after finishing one job, it moves on to the next job.

If ; If you have misconceptions such as “the more I do, the better I work”, “doing more than one job shows that I am a successful person”, “doing more than my responsibility at the same time makes me appreciated by my bosses”, be aware of these. Remember that the important thing is not how much work you do in a short time, but how focused and productive you work.

If you have a distraction, to prevent it; Remove distractions from your work environment.

One of the biggest factors preventing you from working efficiently is; is stress. You can contribute to increasing your working efficiency by staying away from stressful items.

If your mind is lost in the unfinished business of the past or the anxiety of the future waiting to be completed and you cannot focus on the “moment”; Do exercises, breathing exercises to stay in the “moment”.

If you have difficulty coping with intense stress or show depressive symptoms, you can contribute to coping with this emotional state by getting professional support.

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