Saying goodbye to summer

In these days when we end the summer season and switch to autumn; Our body is also in preparation for a transition from a fun period to a resting period.

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With autumn; We are entering a period where it is easier to take time for ourselves, and we have to deal with less distractions when planning our day.

Evening events, wedding organizations, holiday plans leave their place to obligatory indoor events to spend more time at home; There is a transition to a period where resistance declines and flu epidemics can be encountered more frequently…

Our diet is also affected by this calmness; We should get rid of the influence of the popular diets of the summer period, instead of bikini diets, which we aim for rapid weight loss, in the long term. healthy and balanced dietIt should be remembered that success is real success.

Healthy and balanced diet;

“Containing all food groups,

Controlled fluid consumption,

Consumption of oil of vegetable origin (walnut, hazelnut, almond, olive oil) is ahead of the consumption of oil of animal origin,

The energy taken from simple and artificial carbohydrate sources (such as sugar, refined flour, etc.) is replaced by whole grain groups, natural sugar of the fruit,

It should be defined as “an order in which the right portion selection is prioritized” and should be planned in accordance with one’s own life in line with these principles.

The fact that the consumption of meals outside the home and the hosting of guests at home have decreased compared to the summer season gives us the chance to apply our own healthy cooking techniques in our own kitchen. We can plan healthier meals by determining the right portions for ourselves.

Vegetable dishes, low-fat and protein-rich soup recipes, grilled or lean meat/chicken/fish options with raw vegetables/salad added to it, fruit, raw nuts, milk/yogurt alternatives we add to the snacks, make the transition period from summer to winter both fit and healthy. It is possible to complete the transition season away from diseases!

The seasonal winds that are starting to tell us that we need to turn our attention back to our home, our own life and our body again is exactly the time we need to welcome autumn winter healthy and fit.

Stay healthy and fit…

dit. Ekin Locksmith

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