Salt and high blood pressure

We always warn our high blood pressure patients about ready-to-eat foods!

In healthy adults, daily salt intake should be at most 6 grams.

In high blood pressure patients, this is limited to 2 g (low sodium diet).

In summer, let’s pay attention to sodas and ayran. Without specifying the brand, let’s not forget that many instant buttermilk contains 6-7 Gr of salt per liter.

If you are consuming soda, drink soda suitable for low sodium diet (you can look at the amount of Na (sodium) in its content and drink the lowest one)

* There is approximately 0.4 Gr Na (Sodium) in 1 Gr Table salt (sodium chloride, NaCl).

**There is a total of 100 Gr Na (Sodium) in the body of a 70 kg adult.

According to the recommendation of the World Health Organization, the recommended amount of salt to be consumed in a day is 6 Gr NaCl or in other words 2.4 Gr sodium;

**The amount of sodium to be consumed is 2400 mg,

** People living in Turkey average 6000 mg,

**Europe residents average 4000 mg,

**People 5000 years ago were taking 60mg

Under normal conditions, the amount of sodium that can be excreted with sweat and feces is 23 mg per day. The amount of sodium excreted in the urine is proportional to the salt intake in the diet.

The organ that maintains this sodium (salt) balance in the body is the kidneys. If we consume too much salt in the diet, our kidneys will work harder than necessary and rest less and we will invite diseases, especially high blood pressure.

Kidneys filter approximately 500 g sodium (total amount in the body is 100 g) in 1 day and reabsorb 99% of it.

Pay attention to the salt content in foods prepared at home! (Tarhana, homemade tomato paste, pickles, sausage …) PLEASE REMEMBER that a teaspoon of table salt is approximately equal to the total salt that a person should take in a day…

I wish you healthy days…

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