Sad Clouds, Happy Rains

In the field of personal development, “feeling good, being happy, calm in the face of events”
to stay etc. a set of techniques and techniques developed to gain control over situations
These methods have become very popular nowadays. By training in mental health
In addition to clinicians who provide therapy to clients, personal services in this field are also available.
There are development experts, life coaches, energy experts and social media influencers. Developing
And thanks to the changing technological possibilities, many people use social media almost every day.
Practical information for everyday life from subject experts or phenomena by following
trying to acquire or keep up with popular applications. What are these apps
Although it is driven by certain algorithms, people can quickly find the information they want.
and it is valuable in terms of providing the freedom of access in a comfortable way. However, this
without mentioning that the situation has certain advantages as well as some disadvantages.
I can’t pass. Since the first years of my profession, there have been some mistakes about parental attitudes.
I encounter beliefs and behaviors. As a result of the spread of social media, a new
We are faced with the current of parents. Expert on social media
Along with the information pollution created by some people who are not, the individual characteristics of the child
Parental attitudes, which are exhibited without taking into account the vicious circle of the family in some cases
places it inside. Resistance to change in many of the families who come with this kind of information pollution
has. Because they are “parents who think the best for their children and for them
It’s so scary to think you’ve done something wrong that you have to face it.
they don’t want to.” This is an unpleasant situation for me as well as for many of my colleagues.
is the subject.
On social media; How should marriage be? How to be a good wife? How to make up? Good
How should the food be? How is the table set up? etc. there are so many examples… This and so on
trying to express thousands of questions through social media and meanwhile popular
There were currents in which various techniques were used.
Some of these trends are popular within minutes and are replaced by another within a few days.
We can witness that it can let go with the current, and many of us are in a virtual environment that changes so fast.
We have a hard time trying to relate the world to the real world. This balance
What we can’t do is to try to show perfection in the virtual world, and to interact with real life.
We weaken our bond.
In fact, the problem in this regard is how to adapt to this situation rather than the fast developing technology.
is what we provide. Whether we like it or not, we are in an age of rapidly developing technology and we are in the future.
It is obvious that there will be developments depending on this technology in many areas of our lives.
In the age of technology we live in, the most important gain for people is the developing and changing
It is the ability to adapt to new situations. We are still going through
When we think about the pandemic process, the ability to adapt in the education of children
need to be worked on. Adaptation process is, in a sense, evolution
equivalent to the concept. This process is adapting to rapidly developing and changing new situations.
Our physical characteristics and emotions have an evolutionary history; evolution, in
contains logic. All emotions have a meaning, and we use these emotions through consciousness.
we feel. If you have never been sad, happiness means nothing to you. So your clouds
If there is no sadness, why should the rain rain happily? If there is no fear, your life is always at risk.
means. Without a certain level of stress or anxiety, something is missing for success. Problem

The periods we live in are times when our control over our emotions is weakened or some
These are the periods when emotions become chronic. In fact, in both cases, the balance is disturbed.
we can say. Most people feel that this control weakens at some point in their lives.
and this process can be overcome more easily by getting support.
While adapting the information you get from popular trends in social media to your daily life
Let’s not ignore our individual differences. Although common feelings, thoughts and
Although we have values, each individual has an inner world in which he has his own characteristics.
The better you know yourself, the better solution you can create for yourself and the right
solutions make it easier for you to adapt by increasing control over your emotions.

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