Rotator cuff (muscle tendon structures that fix and move the shoulder)

Rotator cuff; It is the name given to the group of muscles and tendons that work together to stabilize the shoulder. These tendon structures fix the shoulder in place and, together with the muscles that are the continuation of the tendons, are responsible for shoulder movement. Many causes of pain in the shoulder area are due to rotator cuff injuries.

I have limited range of motion in my shoulder, should I be worried?

Shoulder pain is a common complaint in orthopedic practice. Pain can be caused by simple traumas such as ligament injury, edema, muscle injury in the shoulder, but also in serious diseases such as rotator cuff tear, frozen shoulder, rheumatic diseases. Loss of movement along with pain requires the complaint to be taken more seriously. Therefore, loss of mobility in the shoulder is a complaint that should be taken more seriously.

Why does the rotator cuff tear?

Sudden movements, often acutely; It may be due to heavy lifting, strenuous physical activities or major traumas, or it may be related to chronic aging, wear or shoulder impingement syndromes.


In the treatment of rotator cuff tears; There are treatment options such as physical therapy, various drug treatments, intra-shoulder injections (stem cell, PRP), repair of the tear with open surgery and repair of the tear with closed surgery, which is the most popular treatment today (shoulder arthroscopy).

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