Rose Disease (Pitriasis rosea)

Rose disease often exhibits a self-healing picture. It begins first with a messenger lesion. Then there are rashes that spread throughout the body. It can begin between the ages of 13-43. It usually starts in the spring and autumn months.

Rose Disease Skin Lesions

The herald of rosacea is present in 80% of plaque patients. It is an oval, slightly raised, 2-5 cm in diameter, yellowish-pink colored rash with a slight scaling around it, which may be more than one.

Dull pink, yellowish-brown, oval scattered lesions develop within 1-2 weeks and settle in the parts of the trunk, arms and legs close to the body. Atypical lesions of rosacea may only be on the face and neck. It may be single or multiple, and a precursor lesion may not be seen. It may be accompanied by water-filled blisters.

Lesions heal spontaneously in 6-12 weeks. The possibility of recurrence is rare.

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