Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment ; It means removing the inflamed or dead dental pulp, which causes pain, abscess and cyst formation in the teeth, from the root canals, cleaning the formed cavity and filling it completely with a tissue-friendly substance that is not harmful to health. Root canal treatment is not a painful treatment.

This method, which is not normally a painful treatment method, especially if there is pain and infection, although there may be sensitivity in the tooth in the first few days after the treatment, this sensitive period will pass by itself within 1-2 weeks if it is done according to the rules. In this case, the patient can relax by taking painkillers. Canal treatment can be done in 1 day, as well as in a 2-3 week period, with the discharge of the inflammation at the root tip, after the inflamed area is thoroughly cleaned, the canal filling is done and the process is completed. The lifetime of a root canal treatment is around 5 years.

While all kinds of decayed teeth were extracted in the past, today this type of teeth root canal treatment is rescued. Tooth extraction is now the last procedure.

Since the pulp (nerve) cannot renew itself due to deep caries and cracks, the tooth becomes infected and becomes a dead tooth and loses its vitality. If root canal treatment is not performed, the infection (inflammation, abscess) spreads to the tissues at the root tip, and the jawbone surrounding the tooth becomes inflamed and eroded, and even with abscess formation, pain, swelling and bone resorption occur. The tooth must be extracted as soon as possible.

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