Romantic Relationships and Couples therapy

Trust is the foundation of a healthy and strong romantic relationship. So what does a healthy and strong romantic relationship mean? According to the Gottman couple therapy technique, the essentials for a strong and healthy relationship are as follows; romance, conflict management, avoiding behaviors that destroy the relationship, knowing the dreams of the other party, realizing them, supporting them when they can’t be realized, being able to balance positive-negative sharing. On the other hand, Gottman couple therapy technique deals with the concept of love map of happy relationships and focuses on one of the most important points in a relationship, getting to know one’s partner. Although it is very important to know our partner, I must emphasize the importance of knowing ourselves here. We should know ourselves, our selves, what we want, our expectations, our pros and cons, and define them so that we can get to know our partner in a healthy way. In short, once we know our own love map, our partner’s love map will become meaningful.

Gottman, the only known couple therapy technique, also talks about the importance of sharing interest and admiration in relationships. Both parties need to feel loved. For this reason, both parties should show and make their partner feel loved. It is necessary to share such things as mutual appreciation, touching each other, hugging, supporting in negative situations. Negative situations such as humiliating your partner, always criticizing, etc. should be avoided, otherwise this will bring unhappiness to the relationship.

As in all interpersonal relationships, there may be fights, arguments, conflicts, and disagreements in romantic relationships. Another ingredient of having a happy, healthy and strong relationship comes into play here. Managing conflict is one of the most important factors. Trying to be constructive rather than destructive, calming oneself and the other side, and creating solutions rather than problems are healthy conflict management styles. Do not forget that creating the foundation of our romantic relationships with confidence and advancing them with healthy steps will bring us peace and happiness. I wish you a healthy, strong, peaceful and happy relationship.

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