Ritalin/concerta-style Medications and ADHD (attention deficit)

Let’s explain some methods that must be applied by school and family before drug use;

Teachers should recognize that these children are special about physical proximity and intervention. Regardless of this being seen as a privilege, these children must be kept in the most suitable position for the teacher’s eye contact.

In general, these children are “named!” For this reason, other children will cruelly impose many wrongs on them…. It should not be forgotten.

The general discipline of the class should not be taken back on behalf of these children, and stability should be maintained in this respect.

A common attitude should be determined with the school’s guidance and psychological counseling.

The maladaptive/inappropriate behaviors of the child/children should be kept separate from the internal behaviors of ADHD.

It is an easy choice to attribute the main problem to the family, domestic unrest, family occupations, divorce, violent tendencies and so on. These situations will of course be taken into account, but it should be known that they are not the only reason.

It is wrong to see the recommendations of doctors, special education specialists, social workers, neurotherapists and psychologists/psychiatrists as an intervention in their own field.

If the child has started the drug in some way, the family asks, “Did you not give the drug?” in the child’s first maladaptive behavior. should not be criticized. Like many treatment methods, you may not get results in 2-3 days with drugs. This also applies to neurotherapy – neurofeedback.

Parents should not attack the educational rights of other children with the concern of protecting their children.

Confronting the school and the administration because of ADHD will mean your own attack on your child’s right to education.

In general for ADHD;

Psychostimulants containing methylphenidate such as Ritalin / Concerta / Stratlera are used. (Strattera is a drug with noradrenergic active ingredient atomoxetine.)

In addition to these drugs, the other drug that is frequently given is risperdal, which is mostly used for behavioral disorders (used for anger, impulse control, mood balance). Please take a look at our other articles on this subject.

As a result, according to the 3-year results of the Muitimodol Treatment Study of ADHD (MTA) in the USA, drug therapy never gives the expected result.

Before making a choice in this regard, the family should definitely research how neurotherapy affects this area.

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