Risks and Negatives

Risks such as bleeding, infection and anesthesia complications that can occur in every surgery are also in question in aesthetic nose surgeries. However, these complications are rarely encountered. Irregular wound healing caused by the patient’s own body, thick and oily nasal skin and smoking are the factors that adversely affect the outcome of the surgery.
In addition, crooked noses are the most difficult noses. There may be some changes in the shape of your nose and a decrease in the tip of the nose in the months after the surgery. Taking this into account, your nose is tried to be raised a little too much during the surgery. These undesirable conditions, which can develop in 5% of patients in the world literature, can be corrected with minor interventions 9 months after the operation.

The aim of aesthetic rhinoplasty is not to have a perfect or ideal nose, but to provide a more beautiful-looking nose than you already have. You should have this surgery for yourself, not for the attention and praise of others. Do not decide on surgery until you fully trust the physician who will perform your surgery.

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