Risk Factors for Breast Cancer

Risk factors based on personal characteristics:

  • Gender : Female gender is the most important risk factor. Among breast cancer patients, the incidence in men is 1%.
  • Age: In the 60s, the frequency is 3.5%.
  • Having breast cancer in the family: Presence of breast cancer in mother, sister, daughter or presence of breast or ovarian cancer in more than one relative in the family.
  • Presence of breast cancer: There is a high probability of cancer in the other breast.
  • Race: It is higher in the Caucasian race than the others.
  • Radiation therapy to the chest area:
  • Cellular changes in a breast biopsy
  • Exposure to estrogen: Prolonged use or exposure may cause breast cancer.
    • Early menstruation (before age 12)
    • Late menopause (after 55)
    • Exposure to environmental estrogen (foods or pesticides such as DDT)
  • not giving birth-not breastfeeding

Individually controllable risk factors

  • Kilo: Obesity is a factor that increases the risk of breast cancer, especially after menopause.
  • Diet: Low-fat diet is protective against breast cancer.
  • Exercise: 45 to 60 minutes of exercise every day reduces the risk of breast cancer.
  • Smoking and/or Alcohol consumption
  • Exposure to estrogen:
    • Several years of combined (estrogen and progesterone) therapy (for menopause) or more than 10 years of estrogen-only use
  • Use of birth control pills: Even if it is slightly, it causes an increased risk for breast cancer. However, when left for more than 10 years, the risk returns to normal.
  • Stress and tension:Although there is no obvious evidence, it impairs quality of life and lowers the immune system.

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