Ringworm or ringworm disease is not a disease caused by worms. Rather, these skin infections, which are also superficial, are known as tinea and are caused by fungi called dermatophytes.

Under normal conditions, immune system cells that protect us from foreign substances, viruses and bacteria entering our body can be supplied to healthy cells of the body for various reasons. One of the results of this table is in the medical language. “alopecia areata” Ringworm disease known as ringworm… The disease begins to show itself in the form of money in the hairy area. This condition, which can also be seen in healthy people, can sometimes be accompanied by conditions such as underlying thyroid disorders, skin diseases, anemia, vitamin deficiencies, diabetes, and collagen tissue diseases.

In ringworm, which is an immune system, antibodies against the hair follicles cause damage to the hair follicles here and cause shedding. This hair loss is usually temporary and the hair regrows, but in some cases, the loss may be permanent. Although it is more common at younger ages, men and women are affected equally. While ringworm is sometimes limited to one place, it can sometimes spread and grow and even cause shedding of other body hairs besides the scalp.

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