Rhinoplasty (Nose aesthetics)

A more beautiful nose: Our nose is right in the middle of our face and it is our organ that is most exposed to trauma because it is protruding, your nose does not make you happy due to the blows to the nose when you were young or due to developmental deformities, if you are hesitant to take pictures, your nose tip is too low, If you have a protruding nose, especially if you have trouble breathing, then you need rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is the most performed aesthetic operation for over 100 years. We are very lucky that with today’s modern anesthesia and surgical techniques, we are now able to perform bruise-free, painless rhinoplasty operations, the tampons we place are new generation silicone tampons, long cloth tampons are not used much anymore. You are our guest in the hospital for 1 night and you are discharged the next day with mild painkillers. Ear Aesthetics Prominent ear restricts the social life of the person, you cannot easily collect your hair, even if your hair is light, if you have straight hair, the top of the ear can still be seen and this can be very uncomfortable for you. But let’s not forget that each ear should be slightly open and the ears should be visible when viewed from the front. Up to the age of 6, 80-90% of the development of our ear is completed, so after the age of 6, prominent ear surgery can be performed at any age. The operation, which can be performed with sedation or general anesthesia, takes about 2 hours and you need to use a hair band for 2 weeks, get well soon… Eyelid Aesthetics Our eyelids and their surroundings are generally the places where the signs of aging are seen at the earliest on our face. There is excess skin on the upper eyelids, drooping occurs, you cannot use eyeshadow easily, it spreads around, as the drooping increases, a feeling of heaviness occurs in the eyelids, it can cause a headache even if you try to raise the eyebrow without realizing it, your eyes start to look smaller than they are. Upper eyelid surgery, which can solve all these complaints, is an operation performed with sedation, lasting 45 minutes and you are discharged 2 hours after the operation. The most common complaint in the lower eyelids is bagging. With the loosening of the very thin membrane in front of the fat pads that allow our eyes to move freely, these fats herniate forward and make bags. Patients apply with the complaint of looking older and tired than they are. Patients with laxity and herniation in the lower eyelid are usually accompanied by drooping of the upper eyelid, and they are usually operated on the lower and upper eyelids together. Chin Tip Aesthetics Chin Tip Aesthetics: Intervention on the chin tip can significantly improve the profile view. When the chin is smaller than it should be, if there is excess fat on the neck, the chin can be buried further. In this case, we perform a little liposuction on the neck (food) and remove the excess fat and make the chin more prominent. If it is more, ready-made implants come to our rescue. Abdominoplasty Will this tummy go away? It goes away… if you don’t have sagging on your stomach and you have tight skin, we can only reduce the fat in your abdominal area with liposuction (fat removal). You stay in the hospital for 2 nights, you pay attention to sitting and standing for 1 week and you walk slightly forward, after 15 days you can do light sports. If you have a very small amount of sagging in your abdomen, we do Mini Abdominoplasty, if your sagging amount is more, we need to stretch your entire abdomen with Full Abdominoplasty. Leg Aesthetics Is there any cure for my crooked legs? Of course, you also have the right to wear skirts easily and not be condemned to trousers. We can correct the deformities in the legs with the fats we take from the abdomen or hip area or with ready-made fillings. If the distortion is too much, we place a silicone prosthesis. You are discharged the same night or the next day after the operation, which can be performed with spinal anesthesia or general anesthesia. Butt Aesthetics It is an inevitable fact that a raised, firm and voluminous butt provides a more feminine appearance, just like breasts. In recent years, the demand for buttock aesthetics has increased considerably and continues to increase. In order to enlarge the butt, we inject the fat of the person we prefer first, and the fats we take with liposuction into the butt, and our second choice is ready-made fillings. However, in cases where much higher volume is required, we can do butt augmentation with ready-made silicone prostheses. Arm Aesthetics If there is no sagging in the arms, but if it is thick, our job is easy, we take the excess fat with liposuction without a trace and wear the arm corset for 2 weeks. However, if there are sagging in the arms, especially due to intense weight loss, then we need to surgically remove the excess part, there will be a scar on the inner face of the arm, this scar usually fades within 2 years, but it does not disappear completely, patients usually do not care much about the scar as they get rid of the swaying and drooping appearance on the arm. Fat removal (liposuction – lipoplasty) Let’s be clear about this, fat removal is not a weight loss surgery. It is the operation of shaving the protruding contours of our body. The hips, knees, abdomen-waist area and jowl are the most ideal areas for liposuction. If there is sagging in the abdomen or if the abdomen is very loose, sagging will be more pronounced after liposuction (because it will empty), so if there is sagging in the abdomen, we add tummy tuck to liposuction. In loose skin that does not have sagging but has the risk of sagging, laser liposuction prevents the possibility of sagging by tightening the skin. Genital Rejuvenation Postpartum vaginal enlargement is a common health problem. Sexual life can be negatively affected as a result of the vagina not fully covering the penis during intercourse, air entering due to slackness, disturbing sound, and decreased pleasure during sexual intercourse. Since a regular sexual life is an indispensable rule for a healthy union, patients demand vaginoplasty (vaginal tightening) operation. By removing excess mucous tissue from the vagina and bringing the muscles closer together, the vagina can be narrowed. With all these procedures, a younger genital appearance can be achieved. These procedures can be performed together or separately as needed. Patients who do not want surgical intervention or who have little deformity benefit greatly from laser vaginal tightening. Smile Aesthetics The appearance of the gums when you smile is considered normal up to a few millimeters, but the appearance of more than this amount of gums can spoil the beauty of your smile. In our patients whose gums appear when they smile, we can achieve the smile they desire by removing the excess gingival part. It is possible to reduce the accumulation and sagging of the skin by knitting the cheek area with serrated (Cog), spiral and flat yarns like herringbone, the effect of the ropes lasts for about 12 months. Botox Application Botox is our most effective weapon for dynamic (moving) wrinkles on the upper part of our face. By temporarily stopping the movements of the muscles, it reduces the wrinkles formed on the skin with muscle movement, the average duration of action is 4.5 months. Botox, which is quite safe and has good results, can unfortunately lead to undesirable results in unskilled hands (only 18% of botox applications in Turkey are performed by plastic surgeons). Filling Application Fillers, which are generally used in the lower part of our face, are often used to fill the hollow between the nose and cheek, to make the lips more prominent and to fill the cheeks. I prefer temporary effective (12-16 months) hyaluronic acid fillers for fillings with many types. Ben Treatment Ben Treatment: As plastic surgeons, we do not like moles at all and we want to get what we see. The vast majority of moles are benign self-limiting lesions, but it is possible for moles to change shape and temperament, whether congenital or later, and it is necessary to be careful. It is necessary to follow or remove moles larger than 6mm with irregular borders, asymmetrical and containing different colors. Scar Treatment Scar Treatment: While it is not possible to completely remove scars, it is possible to make them thinner and less irritating. Migraine Surgery Migraine pain has a multifactorial etiology and usually occurs as a result of contraction of certain muscle groups in our skull due to excessive nerve stimulation. Migraine pain, which starts from some trigger points in areas such as the forehead, temple, and nape, can be very severe and negatively affect the social life of the person. In addition to drug treatment, Botox injections are also used in the trigger points in the treatment of migraine. Migraine surgery can be applied for permanent treatment in patients whose migraine attacks decrease or disappear by temporarily stopping muscle activity with botox injection to the trigger points. In migraine surgery, the nerves that stimulate the muscle groups at the trigger points are cut. The procedure is performed with local anesthesia and you are discharged on the same day.

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