Rhinoplasty (Aesthetic Nose) Surgery

What is Rhinoplasty, Septorhinoplasty, Nose Aesthetic Surgery?

The nose is the most striking structure of the face. In addition to the sense of smell, they have very important tasks such as heating, cleaning and humidifying the air we breathe. We call the surgeries that only improve the external appearance of the nose “Rhinoplasty”, and if there are also nasal strictures that cause nasal congestion, these surgeries are called “Septorhinoplasty”.

The main purpose of this surgery is to open the nasal congestion and make the nose look harmonious and natural with the other parts of our face. With the help of this surgery, the size of your nose can be reduced or increased, the shape of your nose tip or bridge can be changed, the nostrils can be narrowed or the angle between the nose and upper lip can be changed, and the bony protrusions on the nasal dorsum can be corrected. During the same surgery, developmental or impact-induced deviations (nasal congestion) can be corrected.

Risks, Negatives

Risks such as bleeding, infection and anesthesia complications that can occur in every surgery are also in question in aesthetic nose surgeries. However, these complications are rarely encountered. Irregular wound healing caused by the patient’s own body, thick and oily nasal skin and smoking are the factors that adversely affect the outcome of the surgery.
In addition, crooked noses are the most difficult noses. There may be some changes in the shape of your nose and a decrease in the tip of the nose in the months after the surgery. Taking this into account, your nose is tried to be raised a little too much during the surgery. These undesirable conditions, which can develop in 5% of patients in the world literature, can be corrected with minor interventions 9 months after the operation.

The aim of aesthetic nose surgery is not to have a perfect or ideal nose, but to provide a more beautiful-looking nose than you have. You should have this surgery for yourself, not for the attention and praise of others. Do not decide on surgery until you fully trust the doctor who will perform your surgery.

It is not possible to achieve perfection in terms of correcting the appearance in aesthetic nose surgeries. Each patient’s tissue may respond differently to surgery. In addition, this surgery is not an organ transplant surgery, such as removing the nose of a person whom the patient takes as an example or likes and attaches it to the patient. The success rate we can achieve in aesthetic nose surgeries is related to the characteristics of the patient’s nasal tissues.

There is no ideal nose, a natural-looking nose that is compatible with your face should be targeted.
Before you decide to have surgery, you should think about your expectations very well and share this with your doctor. Our goal in this surgery is to create a natural-looking nose that is compatible with your face by using the existing tissues in your nose. The success of the surgery depends on the surgeon’s knowledge, skills and experience, as well as the patient’s age, general health status, the structure of the nasal skin, the degree of nasal defect, the wound healing power in your tissues, smoking, the condition of other facial structures, and the patient’s special problems.

Who is rhinoplasty suitable for?

It is beneficial to postpone rhinoplasty surgeries during the development of adolescents. Considering both bone development and personality development, the lower limit of rhinoplasty age for young people is considered to be 16-17 in girls and 17-18 in boys. There is no upper limit for the age of rhinoplasty.

  • It is necessary to be sure that rhinoplasty is a decision that the person wants to implement in line with his / her own will, not the person’s environment or family.
  • The reflection of psychological disorders may occur in the nose and the patient thinks that there is a problem in his nose.
  • The nose is an organ that draws attention in terms of aesthetic appearance.
  • Traumatic or congenital nasal deformities always attract attention and most of the time, the person may encounter negative behaviors from the environment.
  • If you are in good physical health, have completed your personality development, come of age, have a normal psychological state, and have realistic expectations, if your nose does not fit with your face, and if there are deformities or problems with its functions that will attract attention at first glance, you may be a suitable candidate for aesthetic nose surgery.

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