Aesthetic nose surgery (rhinoplasty); It is a surgical intervention performed to create a nose that is pleasing from an aesthetic point of view by correcting the discomfort points of the person’s nose and at the same time to eliminate the breathing problem, if any. It is the most frequently applied aesthetic surgery procedure all over the world. Thanks to this procedure, operations such as removing the height on the ridge of the nose, correcting the curvature of the visible outer roof of the nose, lifting the tip of the nose, reducing the length of the nose, reducing the nasal wings, correcting the curvatures in the cartilage in the middle of the nose called “septum” can be performed. In order to have nose surgery, it is sufficient for the patient to be over the age of 18. The purpose of the age limit is to wait for the patient to both complete the anatomical development of the nasal bone and reach a psychosocial maturity where he will have healthier and more realistic expectations about the operation. The patient who decides to have aesthetic nose surgery should share their expectations in detail with the plastic surgeon. In this way, the surgeon can more clearly inform the patient about which requests of the patient can be realized and which are not possible. Approaches such as “I want the nose of the mannequin in this photo” often end in disappointment. Because beauty is hidden in the integrity and an experienced plastic surgeon can find and reveal the beauty in the tissues of the patient.

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