Rhinoplasty is a functional reconstructive nasal surgery in a sense. It is one of the basic operations of the otolaryngology department. First of all, the nose should do its job well as a function. Breathing, humidifying the air and cleaning foreign particles are the main tasks of the nose. While treating pathologies such as sinusitis, septum deviation, lower turbinate hypertrophies, both medically and surgically, as ENT. ATTRACTIVE TO NURSAL ANATOMY We look at it in detail. Curvature of the axis outside the nose, excessive bone outside the nose, deformations at the tip of the nose can also affect the intranasal functions. The right time to correct the outside of the nose, both cosmetically and functionally, is when correcting the inside. It is a whole inside and outside the nose. Nose aesthetic surgeries are not painful surgeries, they require 7 days of plaster and 2 days of intranasal packing. Nasal aesthetics with the open technique is preferred because the tip of the nose and the septum are more fully dominated.

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