Resin Teeth

A beautiful and effective smile plays an important role in our success while supporting us psychologically at every stage of our lives. We can also use resin veneers as an alternative to porcelain veneers to create such a smile. Resin veneers, which are used as an alternative to porcelain veneers, are made of composites, which are aesthetic filling materials.

In which situations can resin veneers be applied?

They can be used in the presence of fractures, cracks, closure of the gaps between the teeth, discoloration, form and size disorders and aesthetic problems caused by large fillings.

Is it necessary to prepare the tooth?

They can mostly be applied without any preparation.

How do they connect with teeth?

With special chemicals we call bonding

Are bondings harmful to the tooth?

There is no harm

Does it look natural?

Restorations made by a specialist physician are both natural and very aesthetic.

Do resin veneers change color over time?

The discoloration of our own teeth due to external factors such as cigarettes, tea and coffee also causes discoloration in these restorations, but can be easily removed.

Coloring is very rare in well-polished teeth.

Does it require special care?

It is not recommended to eat and tear very hard food with the front teeth

Can anyone get this restoration done?

Anyone without parafunctional habits can have it done (nail biting, pen biting, etc.)

It is a very protective method, especially in young people, as it does not require tooth preparation.

How long is it?

Can be used for many years with good care

When a problem occurs it is very easy to fix

How long does it take to build?

You can get the smile you want in 1-1.5 hours

These are composite filling materials prepared in tooth color.

In this material, they are restorations that can be made in the clinic in a single session by making usually no, sometimes very little tooth preparations on the anterior surface of the tooth as veneers.

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