Report Card Excitement

After an education period with difficulties caused by the pandemic process, with the start of the holiday period, the excitement of the report card has surrounded all students.

While receiving report cards creates happiness and excitement in many families, it can cause unhappiness and sadness in some families. The approach of the report card period, the negative behavior attitudes of parents when they encounter unexpected grades can cause anxiety and anxiety in children and can also affect their self-perception. When faced with such a situation, blaming and criticizing the child ceases to be the right approach and may cause children to feel bad. In this process, by keeping the positive aspects of the child in the foreground, talk can be made about the improvement plan and the importance of gaining success about low grades without harming self-confidence. When conveying family expectations to the child, they should approach and do so in a supportive language that is appropriate for the child’s age and developmental level, in a way that he or she is capable of. Report cards do not show the success of the child’s life. Families should talk about finding a solution while talking about low classes. Every child is different. Instead of being a constantly interfering parent, the child’s self-confidence increases when they take approaches that increase internal motivation in the areas where the child has difficulty. The communication of families with their children should not only be based on school, course and educational success. The family should make the child feel loved, valued and accepted under all circumstances. Report cards should not be seen as the only factor that determines the life success of the child. Education and training is a process and there may be periodic ups and downs. Reports received should not be evaluated by making generalizations. Evaluation should be made by considering the effort and performance of the child throughout the period. It should not be forgotten that every child is special, unique.

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