Removal of tubes before IVF treatment (hydrosalpenx cases)

Removal of Tubes Before IVF Treatment (Hydrosalpenx Cases)

If the tubes are particularly clogged, fluid can accumulate in them. hydrosalpenx It is known that in such pathologies, called in vitro fertilization, pregnancy rates decrease by 35-50%. If uterine film (HSG) or ultrasonography reveals that the tubes are enlarged and filled with fluid, laparoscopy should be performed both to confirm this diagnosis and to remove the tubes.

If the diagnosis is correct in laparoscopy, the tubes are removed from both sides. In some cases, removal of the tubes may be impossible due to widespread adhesions in the intra-abdominal cavity. In such cases; The connection of the tubes with the uterus should be interrupted by laparoscopy connecting the tubes from their adjacent parts to the uterus or placing a special tool (Essure) that will cut the connection hysteroscopically to the tube mouths (tubal occlusion).

After all these procedures, the pregnancy rates of the patients in IVF increase to the rates of normal cases without hydrosalpenx.

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