Removable prosthesis and its care

Movable prosthesis ;
They are appliances that are used in the treatment of one or more missing teeth, that the patient can easily put on and take off whenever they want, and that the missing teeth are on it.

Getting used to removable prostheses is primarily related to patient psychology and time. As time passes, it becomes easier to get used to the prosthesis. Generally, the patient accepts the prosthesis in a month and life becomes easier with the prosthesis.

Maintenance of removable prostheses;
After meals, the dentures should be removed and the teeth in the mouth should be cleaned first. Removable dentures, on the other hand, should be cleaned with a separate toothbrush and liquid soap without using paste. As long as the prosthesis is out of the mouth, it should be left in clean drinking water. No chemicals should be added to the holding water and hot water should not be used. Cleaning tablets should be used once a week.

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