Everyone who is overweight has been at an ideal weight at some point in their life. Then she started gaining weight, mostly without realizing it. One day he realized that he was not at his ideal weight. A group of overweight people still do not realize it.
We don’t usually track weight. We don’t make it a habit to be weighed at intervals. When we see a scale in a place, we climb on it. We are surprised at the value on the scale. We think when I gained this weight.

As with any disease, first of all, the patient should be aware of his/her own condition and want to get rid of it. Because patients who are aware of the seriousness of their disease and what they will lose, progress very quickly in recovery and fully follow the doctor’s recommendations.

Most people realize that they gain weight in the following ways;
People around her say she gained weight,
He starts not being able to fit into his clothes, and can’t breathe when he pulls the zippers,
Comfy t-shirts that are worn loosely are starting to stretch from the belly.
He begins to have difficulty in putting on socks and tying shoes,
He gets the life buoy in his body,

The belt used to hold the pants is now just an accessory.
When trying on clothes in the store, he is not satisfied with his own image in the mirror.

Seems small even though she tried on the size she’s wearing
He starts to be out of breath when he walks uphill.
Low back pain, feeling tired and heaviness on it,
Begins to have difficulties while doing sports,
The mother, who has been trying to feed her all her life, starts saying “you gained a lot of weight son (daughter), don’t eat any more today” when you want to eat more.

When he looks down, he can’t see his feet.
To realize that the portion that he could not finish normally is no longer satiating,
For women, “you’re so beautiful” compliments are replaced by “you’re so cute” compliments.
The person experiencing these events realizes that they are overweight.

We all want to be at our ideal weight. Everyone with awareness wants to reach the ideal weight from 3 kilos to 50 kilos. But most people cannot do this. They are doomed to their weight. They live an unhappy relationship with their weight. Some people are not even aware of their excess weight. They are so preoccupied with some issues in their lives that they have no awareness of their physical body. They are forced to lose weight by their environment. Without awareness, it is very difficult for these people to lose weight.

Weight is actually a physical feature of us. But being overweight isn’t just a physical burden. There is also an emotional, social and spiritual burden. We carry weight not only with our body, but also with our soul, mind and emotions.

The further we move away from the ideal weight, the heavier we are. 1 kilo, 5 kilos, 10 kilos, 20 kilos, 50 kilos… Think about the excess load you carry. How do we carry this load? We are slowly gaining this burden. We are able to lift as the weight is gradually loaded. We carry it without even realizing it. And everywhere. We carry these loads for years. More uploaded every year. Although it is difficult for us to carry them, we own them as if they belong to us. We accept it as a part of us.

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