Relatives problem of 1st degree disabled relatives

When I work with any person for any pathology, I care about those who come with the person (father, mother, mother, sibling, father, spouse, grandfather, mother, friend). The person who brought it is ready to help! That’s why he consults a specialist. It means caring and understanding the person who brought it; To understand the person you bring. All my effort; it brings positive developments with the help of the relative.

So, what are the processes that await the 1st degree relative of the disabled while studying any pathology in the disabled? What are the Factors to Occur?

How can we remove the positive and negative effects?

How can a disabled person with a pathological problem feel better?

The correspondence below is an example of the problem of relatives of the disabled relatives.

I have been on the social media accounts and platforms of various patient groups since 2007. I read everything about the problems of the relatives of the patients, the solutions they found, the sorrows they conveyed. And as an expert, I express my opinion privately or under the sharing. Sometimes there are people who write comments without their knowledge. my purpose; to prevent misdirections and to better understand the relatives of the clients that I value and therefore the client.

I have a general opinion on some issues in the manifestation of his 15 years of professional work.

Unfortunately, all the relatives of the disabled have the same reproach:



In general, one person in the FAMILY takes full responsibility for the disabled person. There is only one RELATIVE who looks at that disabled person completely and RELATIVES start blaming that relative. Because when they blame that relative, they suppress their feelings of guilt and what they did not do for their disabled people.

That disabled relative is bad, if he is BAD, he is GOOD.

The person who has a first-degree disabled relative and is exposed to pressure and insults by other relatives; I would like to say that they are well and that they should not be upset. I share your deep pain.

You did not sleep for your disabled person, you are the one who accompanies your disabled person 24/7, you rushed for the rights/rights of your disabled person, you stood by your disabled person and stood against injustice when something is said or done to your disabled person, who is the best in your field – what is the fee – how can I meet their concerns? You were the one who fell asleep crying and praying for your disabled person.

Not they !

So please, take into account ONLY what the people who are with you during this difficult process have to say.

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