Infertility is the inability to conceive despite a regular sexual life for one year without contraception. (infertility) is called. On average, one out of every six families is affected by infertility. Pregnancy occurs with a combination of many factors. The monthly pregnancy rate of the couple who has no problems is 20-25%, this rate reaches 85% at the end of one year and exceeds 90% at the end of 2 years. For the formation of pregnancy; A healthy egg released from the ovary must combine with the male’s healthy sperm, which is the sperm. Normally, this event occurs in the ovary of the woman. (in the fallopian duct)occurs and fertilization (fertilization) is named. The fallopian canals must be open and healthy for the egg and sperm to meet and for the fertilized egg to reach the uterus.

Nutritional factors that cause infertility

Very thin or obese

  • eating behavior disorder
  • Vegetarianism
  • Not including at least one food group in the diet
  • exercising excessively
  • skip a meal
  • having a very stressful life
  • Losing excess weight and regaining it by following popular diets frequently

A low-calorie diet is a risk factor for infertility.

There are studies showing that men have a decrease in their ability to have sex and a decrease in sperm motility, especially when they eat a low-calorie diet. Especially in popular diets, scientists agree that removing many food groups from the diet can cause this physical formation. One of the most important problems waiting for men who adopt low-calorie diet as a philosophy due to weight loss or as a lifestyle is infertility. It is a fact that infertility is inevitable in those who lose weight especially with Atkins diet, Macrobiotic diet, South Beach diet, very low calorie weight loss diets applied in recent years. While low-quality weight loss results in low testosterone levels in men and estrogen in women, there is a 25% decrease in sperm count and quality due to weight loss in men.

Excessive exercise, especially in women FSH (follicle stimulating hormone), LH (lutein hormone)While it causes a decrease in estrogen and estrogen levels, it reduces sperm production by suppressing testosterone levels in men.

It has been reported that if yoga is done between 30 and 60 minutes a day, it protects against infertility by increasing the endorphin hormone. For this reason, 50 minutes of yoga a day will increase your quality of life and have a positive effect on the continuity of reproductive functions.

Pulp:Dietary fiber in all diets (fibre) purchase is recommended. However, there are scientific studies showing that excessive fiber intake above 25 g per day causes first irregular menstrual cycles in women and then cessation of menstruation.

The dangerous situation that awaits individuals who consume soy protein frequently in terms of heart health and cancer protection is infertility. Studies conducted in recent years have reported that individuals consuming 20-200 g of soybeans regularly per day have a delay in menstruation and a decrease in blood estrogen and progesterone hormone levels.

Caffeine intake: Drinking 4 cups of coffee per day causes >500 mg of caffeine intake. Caffeine taken more than 500 mg per day causes a decrease in estrogen level in women and thus the poor quality of the egg and more importantly, the inability to ovulate.

Studies support that alcohol is a hidden danger. Especially with regular alcohol intake, it creates a toxic effect on the testicles in men. In addition, loss of erection, decrease in sperm count and quality is the most important problem to be observed.

Cigaret:Smoking causes a decrease in sperm production in men and serious damage to the quality of eggs in women.

In addition, low dietary intake of iron, zinc, vitamin B 12 and low-quality protein sources pave the way for infertility.

While a Body Mass Index between 18.5 and 24.9 is protective, being below 18.5 is considered as a factor preventing having a child. It is reported that as the Body Mass Index increases in men, there is a decrease in testosterone level.

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