Relationship between egg yolk and cholesterol


In the first years of my specialization, I worked on the cholesterol of hypertension patients. Later, I had many experiences on heparin, which prevents blood clotting, that is, dilutes the blood. According to my knowledge, we can say that with this feature, heparin does not allow cholesterol to clog blood vessels and prevents clogging. The lipoprotein lipas enzyme dissolves fats and prevents them from becoming cholesterol.

However, it is widely accepted that the yolk of the egg has the highest cholesterol value after the internal organs (liver, kidney, etc.). But this information; It should not mean that eating eggs or eggs are harmful.

I can briefly explain this as follows; In our body, all substances (protein, carbohydrates, fats, etc.) are burned in the cells, the result is carbon dioxide and water.

But the only non-combustible substance in our body is cholesterol. It enters the metabolism and;

1- provides the structure of steroid hormones,

2- It enters the structure of sexual hormones,

3- It enters the production of bile acids, makes vitamin D in children.

After the age of 50, because of the decrease in sex hormones in people, cholesterol cannot enter the structure of sex hormones (that is, it does not benefit the body) and heads towards the blood vessels as LDL (bad cholesterol). You can relate this exactly to the egg. Cholesterol-containing nutrients, of which certain benefits are observed in the body until a certain age, are not directed to beneficial structures after a certain age, but to places that will have bad consequences.

Therefore, we can briefly say: Namely; Up to a certain age, cholesterol and therefore the yolk of the egg are beneficial, but after a certain age, there is no benefit at the same rate.

Men should consume 1 daily until the age of 60 and women until the age of 50, and once a week after the age of 60 for men and once a week for women after the age of 50.

“Eggs can be consumed at a young age at the desired rate, but if they are over a certain age, they should be consumed in a more controlled manner.”

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