Regional Slimming with Lipo Laser

How Does the Application Happen?
Especially after puberty, fat cells (adipocytes) are fixed numerically in our body, but
They cause us to become fat or weak according to the adipose tissue they store in the cell.
With Lipo Laser operations, these excess fat tissues accumulated in the cells are removed by high-frequency and harmless laser laser operations.
By eliminating the rays, regional weakening and permanent thinning are provided.

How long is the application process?
The duration of Lipo Laser treatment, how many areas in our body regional thinning Lipo Laser procedure and
varies depending on the treatment. Lipo Laser is a procedure that usually takes between 1 and 2 hours.
It is a method applied through the treatment process.

Is preparation done before treatment?
There is no special preparation before the treatment. However, the patient is allergic to drugs or sugar,
Answers are received about the general health status, such as whether there is a chronic disease such as heart and blood pressure, and
measures are provided for them.

Which areas is it applied to?
Lipo Laser treatment of our body; cheeks, arms, nape, tickle, upper chin, apple of the cheek, legs, hips,
It can be applied most effectively in areas such as calves, groin area, breasts. Lipo Laser
treatment is definitely not an obesity treatment. Only regional excess weight and aesthetic appearance
used to correct defects.

How long is the treatment period?
If you have undergone Lipo Laser treatment, you will begin to see the benefits of this operation within a few weeks.
As the disintegrated adipose tissues begin to be removed from the body, regional thinning and weakening
You will witness it happen. Real and permanent 4-6 months after the end of Lipo Laser treatment
You will witness that you are experiencing the weight loss process.
The healing process is much shorter than with classical liposuction. Depending on the application, the patient may lose his job or
He never leaves his social life. In large applications where the number of fields is high, a 2-3 day break
may need to be given.

Is rest necessary after the application?
In Lipo Laser treatment, rest is needed for the least possible time. Although Lipo Laser
Although you can easily return to your daily work by leaving the aesthetic center after the treatment, excessive effort
It is recommended that you stay away from sports activities and activities that require

Does lipo laser treatment cause pain?
The Lipo Laser procedure is performed with local anesthesia and is painless.
some mild reactions to frequency laser waves, such as tingling and tickling sensations
can develop.

Who is a candidate for lipo laser treatment?

After the observation by the doctor, it is determined who can receive Lipo Laser treatment.
Lipo Laser in people who have undergone some type of drug therapy and in patients who have tried some treatment methods
treatment is not applicable.

How is Laser Lipolysis different from liposuction?
In the classical liposuction process, although it varies according to the technique, liquid is given to the area to be applied and
Then the oils are withdrawn with a high negative pressure. Liposuction procedure is usually in the hospital and under anesthesia.
makes. It is not uncommon to see bruises lasting 10-15 days. Afterwards, using a corset for 1 month
must. Even light liposuction requires a recovery period of at least 2-3 days. Laser Lipolysis is an effective
method. It is not necessary to wear a corset for a long time after the application, only a corset for 5-7 days
It is enough to wear. It is not a more traumatic procedure than the first when it needs to be repeated. also classic
Inner arms, under the chin, neck, upper abdomen, where it is difficult to shape the body with liposuction methods,
It can be easily applied to all body parts, including areas such as the back and ankles.

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