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Mesotherapy is a form of treatment also known as intradermotherapy. It was born because of the idea of ​​getting rid of systemic side effects thanks to local treatment. Mesotherapy is based on injecting a mixture prepared from drugs and other herbal preparations into the cellulite area. Mesotherapy is applied in weekly sessions. Anatomical diameter measurements are taken from the applied areas every week. In mesotherapy, the patient sees results every week, and gets thinner from the areas with fat without the need for surgery. Since there are circulatory regulators and skin-tightening agents in the mesotherapy mixture, the patient quickly weakens while the skin never sags, on the contrary, it enters a smooth tight form and cellulite disappears.
With this method, non-surgical slimming and cellulite treatment has been used in France for 100 years, and today there are 15,000 physicians who apply mesotherapy in France.

What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a treatment method by injecting various natural products, drugs and vitamins into the skin.

For what purposes is mesotherapy used?

Mesotherapy was first used in France in 1952 to treat lymphatic and vascular system diseases. It is also a treatment method for diseases such as chronic pain, hair loss, bone and joint disorders and psoriasis by injecting different substances.

For what purposes is mesotherapy used?

Mesotherapy was first used in France in 1952 to treat lymphatic and vascular system diseases. It has been discovered that diseases such as chronic pain, hair loss, bone and joint disorders, and psoriasis can also be treated by injecting different substances.

Today, mesotherapy remains up-to-date as a non-surgical method for reducing body fat and correcting body contours. Recently, it has been determined that adipose tissue can be reduced with the injection of some substances, and mesotherapy is used in losing weight, reducing cellulite, body shaping, wrinkle treatment and facial rejuvenation.

How is mesotherapy effective?

With this technique, various substances are injected into the adipose tissue under the dermis, which is the middle layer of the skin, by means of a fine needle. Mesotherapy injections contain herbal extracts, vitamins, enzymes, hormones and various drugs such as vasodilators, non-cortisone anti-inflammatory, beta receptor agonists and antibiotics or their combinations.

How does mesotherapy treat cellulite and excess fat tissue?

Mesotherapy treats the factors in the formation of cellulite. With mesotherapy, drugs or combinations are given to break down the fat tissue, regulate the circulation and eliminate the impaired connective tissue, and thus the skin surface is softened. Mesotherapy can be applied to any body part with cellulite.

How is mesotherapy used in skin rejuvenation treatment?

Injection of various vitamins under the skin renews the cells, makes them more active and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. Antiaging targeting mesotherapy can be started after the mid-20s for preventive purposes. It is recommended to treat the face, neck, arms and hands several times a year.

Can mesotherapy be used for weight loss?

The formulas injected in the treatment prevent the cells from collecting fat and allow the already existing cells to be broken down.

It is not known exactly how mesotherapy reduces adipose tissue; Controlled studies are needed in this regard.

How many sessions is mesotherapy applied?

Generally, 3-15 sessions are needed in mesotherapy, which are applied at 2-week intervals.

When will the effect of mesotherapy be seen?

Although the result may vary according to the treated area and the severity of the disease, it is usually 2-3. After the session, the effect begins to be seen. In some cases, benefits can be observed even in the first session.

How long does the effect of the treatment last?

In cases where adipose tissue is treated, if attention is paid to diet and exercise after treatment, the result is permanent. However, as we age, it is not possible to stop aging, which is a natural part of our appearance; therefore, the treatment should be repeated at regular intervals.

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