The stubborn fat that everyone, male or female, cannot get rid of with diet and sports at some point in their life.
they have collections. Especially in the belly, waist circumference and hip areas, which can not be lost even by doing sports.
lubrication can be annoying. Regional lubrication treatment does not cause people to lose weight.
It is used to treat stubborn fat deposits in the areas I mentioned. Before starting treatment
It should be evaluated whether people have metabolic diseases or not. Because many diseases weight gain,
It can trigger inability to give and regional lubrication.


It is a regional metabolic disorder of subcutaneous adipose tissue, especially seen in women. Many
plays a role in the formation of factors; genetics, unhealthy diet (alcohol, smoking), venous insufficiency, lymphatic
circulatory disorders, pregnancy and hormones. One of the most important hormones is estrogen, so cellulite is the most
It is frequently seen in women.
Cellulite has several stages. It is not visible from the outside in the early period, only when the skin is tightened.
There are bumps visible. Treatment is easier during this period. Untreated, more visible
hard bumps occur and begin to be difficult to treat.

Healthy diet, regular sports, mesotherapy and device in the treatment of regional fat and cellulite
applications are included.
Mesotherapy, intradermally (into the skin) applied fat burning drug (phosphatidylcholine, caffeine, carnitin,
based on the logic of injecting a mixture of organic silicon) into the problem area in minimal doses.
it is a simple method. Fats are broken down, melted and removed from that area. In cellulite, lymph
Different drug mixtures are added to the treatment in the first 3 sessions to ensure circulation and eliminate edema. Your treatments
In the last sessions, drug mixtures are used for skin elasticity that occurs with the loss of adipose tissue and
deep tightening.
The diameter of the needle used is very thin (about the thickness of a hair), and its length is 4-10mm. This
For this reason, pain does not occur much during the procedure. Patients who feel discomfort are 45 minutes after the procedure.
they may use an anesthetic cream first. Most of the possible side effects are mild and temporary. Mild burning and itching
bruising and redness are common side effects. Most bruises go away within a week. Immediately after mesotherapy
Then you can return to your daily life and work.
Treatment results and application sessions depend on the area applied and the extent of the problem.
It varies. Approximately 10-15 sessions of application are required. Treatment results of cellulite and regional lubrication
It is seen after the first few treatments (4-5 sessions).

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