Reflux Disease and Burning

Reflux is the movement of stomach contents upwards into the esophagus. The incidence of reflux disease is increasing in the world. It appears to be closely related to obesity.

Burning and bitter water in the mouth are the main symptoms of reflux disease. However, burning complaints are also seen in movement defects of the esophagus, such as allergic esophagitis and achalasia. Burning is described as a feeling of pain or discomfort behind the rib cage. If complaints such as burning sensation and bitter water in the mouth are present 2 or more times a week, it is in favor of reflux disease.

Reflux disease may appear as a feeling of discomfort behind the rib cage from the stomach upwards. In reflux disease, there may be a burning sensation in the throat and a bitter taste in the mouth. Symptoms are more common after meals. Reflux patients may also have complaints such as chest pain, stomach pain, heartburn, nausea, difficulty in swallowing, cough, sore throat, wheezing and hoarseness. Partial well-being may occur with antacids.

It should also be noted that burning complaints and reflux disease left untreated for many years can increase the risk of esophageal cancer.

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Useful suggestions in reflux disease;

1- Losing weight if there is obesity

2-Wearing comfortable clothes

3- Raising the head of the bed

4-No food consumption for 2-3 hours before bed

5-Avoiding foods that trigger reflux

6-Smoking cessation

7- Medications recommended by your gastroenterology doctor should be used.

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What can be encountered when reflux disease is not treated?

1-Severe chest pains

2-Stenosis and adhesions in the esophagus


4- It can cause esophageal disease called Barret’s esophagus, which creates an increased risk of cancer, but can be diagnosed by biopsy methods taken by endoscopy.

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