Recovery Period in Eye Aesthetics

Defects in the eyelid can sometimes start to disturb the person genetically, regardless of age. In some women towards the end of their 20s, the increased skin tissue, especially on the upper eyelid, can be clearly noticed from the outside. When it progresses, this skin texture makes even the make-up look worse; It can make the person look more tired, unhappy and old. Now, let’s detail the recovery period of patients who have undergone eye aesthetics.

The patient comes out of the operation with tiny bands above the eyes. After the surgery, ice application is started and it is requested to continue intermittently for 24 hours. Ice application is very effective in alleviating bruises and edema. On the first day, the patient lies in an upright position on two pillows. Lying in this upright position is also very effective for the postoperative recovery period. Patients undergoing the operation under general anesthesia are asked to stay in the hospital for one day. If it is an operation performed under local anesthesia, the patient can return home on the same day with the decision of the physician. Many patients are most concerned about two things after this operation: the first is when to take a bath, and the other is when to put on make-up again.

After the eye aesthetic operation, the patient can easily take a bath at the end of the second day. On the fifth and sixth days, the stitches are removed. At the end of the first week, that is, when the 7th day is over, the patient can apply make-up again. It is quite normal for one eye to appear more swollen than the other during the healing period. The payments will be greatly reduced at the end of the 10th day. Gentle massages help reduce edema and speed healing.

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