Recommendations for Relief from Stress and Anxiety of Getting Sick During the Pandemic Period

Pandemic is a general name given to epidemics in more than one country or continent in the world, which bring life to a standstill, which we cannot predict exactly what will happen, that is, in which uncertainty prevails.

When We Look at Pandemics in History

-Black plague -Cholera -Influenza -Typhoid fever -Swine flu -COVID-19… is seen.

So what should we do to protect ourselves psychologically from the pandemic?


-To reduce the stress that we cannot manage during the pandemic period and to balance our emotions.

The way our nervous systems work is based on rhythm, harmony, movement and being social.

-When we use our joints and muscles when we move, news goes from our body to our nervous system.

-When we move and send messages to our brain, positive changes occur in our body and soul.


-Let’s not change the sleeping hours too much. Studies have shown that resting for 4-8 hours allows us to benefit from the secreted melatonin. It is important to be asleep between the hours of 23.00-03.30. Because that hormone is secreted in this interval. It is important that we take melatonin during the pandemic period. Because that hormone is secreted, we are rested. Otherwise, if we sleep for 10 hours, we will not be rested…


Pay attention to your daily diet, as epidemics feed sugar and carbohydrates, and sudden decreases and increases negatively affect our mental health. Because we know that if we take foods containing serotonin when your mood drops, our mood rises and our pleasure is satisfied. Among the foods containing serotonin; cocoa, legumes, dairy products, fish, oilseeds, grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, poultry such as chicken and turkey..


It could be anything you can think of. It is also possible to cook in the kitchen, to ferment milk, to produce a new idea, to write. Because if you see that you are producing something at this time, you are doing very, very well. Because we increase it by producing in this way for psychological resilience.

What I wrote above is important to maintain your routine. Sometimes (but not very often), our sleep patterns may go wrong, we may not eat very healthy meals, or we may not make an effort to produce something. During this period, no one is telling you to create a perfect routine. People who already have a very high level of anxiety, and if they do not follow this routine, there are many people who will feel guilty and bad, and do not burden them on your shoulders, sometimes let the wind blow your hair! Because we need this too and calm down! Rest assured, you have never been alone with this much reality and all your nakedness. It will be good for you to see the advantages of the pandemic period, not the disadvantages, and focus on them. For example, making fresh meals, trying different recipes in the kitchen, spending a day without rushing, spending time with the things you love, reading books, video chatting with your loved ones, focusing on our body and soul, if you see a problem, face-to-face therapy at the end of the process and now “online therapy”, watching movies, cleaning the house, making a plan of whatever you postponed and implementing them in order of importance, whatever you want to do at home… about life, about you… time is yours! You are free, if you want, you can follow the above routine or you can create your own routines. Because in this pandemic, these are the situations that need to be done, it’s not a prescription because we’ve all just met and are still at the stage of understanding…

Happy days when the pandemic will end

With love, stay healthy

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