Recommendations for managing knowledge and resilience in the pandemic

Man’s construction of his existence in the universe, his assumptions, adventures and disasters in search of meaning in his short life are as old as human history. The human being, who integrates the past and the future with his genes in his own biological structure, also tries to reach out to the future and evaluate his past in his own life cycle. Every day we start our day starts with our basic biological needs. If we could not meet these basic needs – for example, if we did not have breakfast – we find ourselves in a psychological state that biology reflects on us, not just a biological tension. Or, if we are sleep deprived, we carry the drowsiness of insufficiently acquired sleep throughout the day. In the long term, the inability to fulfill basic needs such as nutrition, sleep, and sports may lead to the formation of certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies, perhaps to the formation of chronic disorders.

When we try to understand the human being as a whole, it is necessary to evaluate many aspects. From the economic side to the political side; roles in terms of identity; we encounter a complex structure from basic values ​​to basic physiology. At the same time, this complex structure and some of the elements I have mentioned here are in constant interaction with each other. When the individual who has not slept, wakes up, he is only under the psychological and biological pressure of this biological condition; With the effect of insomnia, maybe he turns into someone who fights easily for an easy reason. Maybe this person will be late for his work and his problems will be added to his work problem. Maybe he won’t be able to go to the meeting he agreed to in the evening and his social life will be interrupted. Considering that work, private and social life are interrupted when we only take into account the effect of sleep, it will be easily seen that it is necessary to evaluate life as a whole.

The pandemic process has fundamentally shaken the business, private and social life, which constitute the three aspects of human in general. We can add our hobbies, which are intertwined with these, to these three dimensions. Initially, it was thought that the virus, which affected various parts of the world, would be mildly overcome, such as previous virus and pandemic events. Even the uncertainty of whether it would affect our country or not was like an ordinary situation that was expected and watched from afar rather than worrying for many. Until the first pandemic case occurred in our country and the first death occurred! He came, he is coming, the feelings of wonder and doubt about whether he can come were replaced by palpable fear, rush, anxiety and uncertainty. The pandemic left a rapid and deep impact from the basic needs of the human being to the existential meaning and texture.

Some Dimensions and Suggestions Regarding the Pandemic Process:

Anxiety, fears and phobias: All emotions have value and value in life. If we go further in this direction, it is not correct to talk about a phenomenon called good feeling and bad feeling. Even emotions such as sadness, anger, worry, longing, jealousy that we find bad and negative and often repulsive (bad); First of all, survival and then the emotions that have vital meaning. While questioning the human emotional state, it is a priority to consider six factors: events, thoughts, feelings, behaviors, physiological (biochemical) processes, and truth. Managing anxiety and all other emotions is related to the harmony of these six variables. And mostly the conductor thoughts of others!

Fear, anxiety and phobias were the most discussed topics in terms of the psychological reflections of the pandemic-related process. To understand fear and anxiety, we can exemplify the horror and thriller genres. Fear has an object and it suddenly shines; It is highly emotional and often disappears in a short time. Remember the sudden rise and disappearance in horror movies! But thrillers are ambiguous. Music fictionally accompanies our anxiety. For example, the movie actor slowly walks up the stairs and does not know what to expect.

During the pandemic process, we experience fear and anxiety together. This situation can lead to phobias in which the connection with the reality consisting of delusions is mostly lost on a subject (such as social phobia, school phobia). In our fears and anxieties, our entire metabolic system takes action to survive. This situation, which we observe in some animal behaviors in nature; it manifests as running, fighting, and freezing. When we encounter a threatening situation, this system, which is our defense system and acts in front of the intervention of the prefrontal (frontal) cortex, can code the wrong situations from time to time. While the corner of the street he passes every day is not dangerous, the endocrine system and many components of the person who encounters an aggressive dog go into common and sudden action. The goal is to survive and have a realistic reaction. But the automaton physiological-biochemical side of the brain encodes the new state. And now that it is marked as potentially threatening, the state of anxiety (anxiety) is triggered.

But can the brain encode a false state in a similar way? Our system may sometimes see fake situations as a threat. In the pandemic process, when we code unrealistic situations, we order the basic defense system to take action. Then and again, we need to re-examine our information processing. Thus, we will not have activated our system in vain during the pandemic process. (shaking, sweating, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, etc.)

Anxiety disorder is a phenomenon that is often treated unrealistically and in which the alarm is broken by constantly activating our defense system. When our door is clicked, if we do not let you in directly without investigating who the person is; We must do the same with the thoughts that come to our minds. We must question and look for evidence of the truth of the situation. In this sense, apart from the research value of the truth of the information we will receive from our close environment; The density and reality of the information we receive from social and traditional media, how the information will be processed and its intrinsic value are revealed.

Social Media Usage and Traditional Media:

It is seen that the media profiles that have been mentioned for a long time and that are called with different names are now intertwined. We can follow a news we watch on television on social media. In the so-called traditional media, we can follow the situations in the social media as news or broadcasts. In today’s world where it is easier to get information, media literacy also increases its importance. In order to understand this structure, which is often transformed, it is necessary to be alert, meticulous and open to education (tendency) towards new situations. So much so that during the pandemic period; We encountered various situations in which some information was distorted and sometimes social lynching behaviors were triggered.

We cannot ignore the many positive contributions of the media in reaching accurate and functional information to the masses. However, in this period, like most other developments, the media became questionable. Information obtained from the internet and mobile technologies, which gained momentum with smart phones, should be reviewed. In addition, in cases that are serious and affect the lives of others; It is not right to act quickly to comment, like (like) and share.

12 psychological resilience and development suggestions in the process that occurred with the pandemic:

Start everything from yourself! Review what you have done for almost a year during the pandemic process.

Search for hobbies. Think about what you did as a child. If you have a hobby that you have not done for a long time, you can start from there.

You may encounter changes and transformations related to your profession -in the new process-. Evaluate what has been said to you. But delve into the detailed research. For a good researcher, the internet medium has more than enough possibilities.

Learn relaxation and breathing exercises. But these alone are not therapeutic or curative, they are time-saving actions. Situations not crowned with awareness are temporary.

Even if you listen to many conspiracy theories about the new world order, don’t get lost in the labyrinth. Remember that you are your priority! Being your priority is not selfish. It is a footnote to the fact that a person who cannot build himself cannot help others.

Remind yourself of your good and strengths in the face of volatile situations. Do your personal SWOT analysis, which you can find on the internet and which is mostly done in corporate companies.

In times of intense anger and anxiety, the first ‘1’ minute is very valuable. Try not to act at this point. Wait! Do not forget that with the pandemic, your child with whom you are angry is also trying to adapt to the situation. Or your half-adult adolescent child with very high energy… If you are a relative over the age of 65 (who also has chronic diseases) with whom you are angry, do not forget what difficulties they have endured in about a year!

Nature is a commitment that activates our five senses, whose friendship we feel deeply, and which Aşık Veyselin says, ‘My faithful half is black soil’. You should run to it whenever you get the chance. When we can’t go to him, we can also feel good by growing flowers and/or growing suitable trees on the balcony. The inability of a person who tries to fulfill the responsibility of every aspect of agriculture (even wakes up at night and waters the virtual flower in the game) with various smartphone applications, cannot grow flowers in pots; It will mean the alienation of the individual from himself and nature.

With the restriction of your social life, review the people you have not called for a long time to reduce this multi-faceted pressure on us. Take advantage of the positive aspects of technology, such as video calls, often. Being empathetic, exchanging ideas and maintaining bonds with your loved ones can be the balm for this deficiency.

Our esteemed writer Vedat TÜRKALI says, ‘The head is a mill whose stones are constantly turning. If you do not put anything between it, it will grind itself to death’. When there is a feeling of emptiness whether the workplaces are closed or for different reasons, remember that you can find many things to wonder and research.

It is obvious that it is difficult to act in harmony with the pandemic process while providing your routines that make up your basic aspects. But know that hope and development pass through here too. Mevlana defends the unity of opposites and according to him, everything is solid with its opposite. Heraclitus, who lived in our land (Ephesus) ages ago, spoke of the war of opposites. If there is thirst, water has value! And if self-awareness occurs, the dehydrated person moves on with moral empowerment as well as appreciation.

During this period, we have lost and are losing health workers and many of our relatives. Read articles about these painful situations and contribute to the grieving process. You can also access my article ‘After those who left’, which I wrote in 2013, on the internet.

I will complete my article with the last lines of a poem written in the Lycian civilization. I understand that man completes his existence with his actions. I also understand that in this poem: the past and the future are an effort to integrate in the human present! Maybe also; the pride of producing and that we are parts of a whole as droplets in the fountain of time. Of course, you will have different meanings as a reader of poetry and/or as a reader of this poem. And by nature, by the nature of art…!

‘Don’t be sad if you can’t find me,

You will find my stuff.

The stones I cut, the roads I opened,

You will find the sculptures I have crafted.

And you will see from thousands of years away,

Our fingerprints will touch each other

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