Recognizing Stress Is The First Step To Controlling It

STRESS: It is the physical-spiritual-cognitive reactions of the person to the actual or perceived stimuli, which tends to disrupt the existing balance or emotional, cognitive, social functioning from the inside or outside and force him to new behaviors to maintain this balance or to restore the disturbed balance.

People feel incapable of coping with the difficulties they face throughout their lives and therefore they get stressed. Whether the person benefits from or is harmed by this stressful situation largely depends on himself. Stress can threaten and harm the organism physically and spiritually, and it can also be a source of energy and strength in overcoming the difficulties faced in life, and it can also be beneficial. Stress is based on a person’s perceptions and experiences. Therefore, it is impossible to consider stress separately from one’s past.

Stress is one of the most used concepts of recent times. It is frequently emphasized that our age is the age of stress and the diseases caused by stress are increasing day by day. For this reason, the age we live in can also be called the “Age of Stress”. The widespread use of the concept of stress attracted the attention of researchers in different disciplines and led them to conduct research on what stress is, under which conditions it occurs and what kind of results it causes. For this reason, stress has been the subject of other disciplines such as sociology and anthropology, as well as being a subject of psychology, and has become a concept that these branches of science focus on. Stress has now become an indispensable part of life.

Stress gives people the opportunity to behave better in the face of environmental stimuli. Zero stress is like DEATH. In the absence of stress, the individual; it loses enough power to produce a reaction to the effects from the environment and consumes its energy to react. Likewise, in a state of extreme stress, it is like a state of DEATH. The reason for this is that the individual who is overly stressed expends too much energy and consumes himself.

Doctors explain that the human body is not suitable for chronic stress. During stress, the body releases stress hormones CORTISOL and ADRENALINE. According to doctors, the spread of these hormones in short-term stress is extremely healthy. In this situation, the body tries to protect itself and to secrete hormones by focusing on the source of stress. However, excessive secretion of these hormones in the body can be harmful during constant stress. Because these hormones become toxic substances that poison the body. For this reason, we need to protect our body from stress, that is, from excessive secretion of CORTISOL and ADRENALINE.

According to psychologists, stress belongs to the person who carries it in the mind. While examining the phenomenon of stress, it is necessary to consider and evaluate the psychological state of the individual who encounters them as well as stressful situations. It is not enough to deal with the stress situation mentally only. This situation should also be considered picologically and sociologically.

According to recent studies, it confirms the view that intolerable stress weakens the body’s defense system and this situation causes the emergence of important hidden and suppressed diseases.

The reactions of individuals to stress are very diverse and different. The reason for this is that individuals have different lives, different experiences and the way they react to their thoughts is different. Individuals react in their fight against stress by making use of their positive and negative experiences, that is, from different sources of stress. Personal tendencies, mental capacity, past experiences and experiences play an important role in shaping the psychological response to stressful stimuli and evaluating the event as a threat. In particular, the past life of the individual plays a role in the transformation of stress into a beneficial situation.

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