Recipe for a happy and healthy relationship

Hello my dear readers, I would like to start today’s article so that you will have plenty of abundance in peace, happiness and love.

Continuing happy and healthy relationships do not occupy one’s mind. Over time, they become ground. Like a battery that makes a remote work, it supports people to live their lives to the fullest. If he constantly checks the battery of the remote, a person -it symbolizes that person’s life-individual cannot enjoy. The battery only needs to be charged, because it does not need repair. So the relationship just needs time and care too. And a healthy individual does not necessarily come from families that are consistently healthy. It is a fact that people who can cope well with the difficulties in life and who can recover quickly are successful in life. But people who grow up in a healthy family environment are more productive.

One cannot choose who to fall in love with in life. But he can determine who he spends time with and who he connects with.
But nowadays, people are led to view marriage as a box. First a mate is chosen, then they land in a box. After they settle into the box, they take a close look at their boxmates for the first time. Love is blind event ends, the event of opening your eyes begins. If a person is satisfied with what he sees, he stays in the box, if he is not satisfied, he climbs out of the box and explores to find a new mate. And unfortunately, the most common solution to an unhappy marriage is to divorce and start over with a new spouse who is hoped for the better. And as long as the problem is not solved, the cycle is either this way or unhappy people…

Then there is the issue of relating with love – how people behave towards each other, communicate and make decisions together. This means that there is a need for more than love, it is necessary not to mix different issues and cause new problems.

Love and hate coexist. It is not abnormal to feel intense anger towards a loved one. When a person opens up to love and intimacy, he also becomes vulnerable to hurt and disappointment.

Recipe for a Happy and Healthy Relationship

Improve your self and self-esteem
Raise your level of individuation
Avoid excess
Build trust
be realistic
Be assertive communication style
Accept each other’s differences
Make decisions and solve problems together
Spend quality time together and alone
Be a giver and collaborate
Have compatible needs and values
Have a shared vision
Maintain relationships with your friends
Stay happy with love…

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