Recently, everyone has been saying “Baby Botox” on their tongue. What is Baby Botox?

Let’s say from the beginning “Not Botox for babies”.. The therapeutic dose instead of the target audience
It is a term used to denote Obtained with small doses in Botox applications
represents optimal results.
“Baby Botox is a product that removes wrinkles and lines without freezing mimics or changing expression.

It is a special Botox procedure that softens. “

Problems occur in the maintenance of collagen production in places with wrinkles in the human body. This
For this reason, the wrinkles that start with the progression of age begin to become permanent as you get older.
Botox; time needed for the body to create collagen by relaxing the wrinkle-forming muscles
it pays off. It also causes atrophy (weakening) of these muscles over time.
It allows you to spend the next years with the least wrinkles.

By having regular botox, you can buy your beauty in 10-20 years.
The emergence of baby botox is famous director Martin Scorsese’s dull-eyed Hollywood
It emerged with the complaints of the stars of Botox applications.
In Baby Botox, there is no effort to remove the wrinkles of the years. slowly and steadily
facial expression and facial expressions are unchanged, those deep wrinkles will open and the body’s collagen
trying to allocate time to its production. And if we caught it in our early or mid-30s
we process those details slowly.
around.. “Beautiful women of their age” aged 50-60 are designed with Baby Botox.
It is possible to get in shape with the help of sports and personal trainers in other parts of the body.
What about our face..? For our face, without external intervention,
It is almost impossible to improve or prevent deformation. The little sought after
The name of the touch is “Baby botox”.
With the ambition and desire of the doctor who applies Botox to erase all wrinkles; dull,
“Baby Botox” is the name of moving away from that line between creating an expressionless look.

 They will have Botox for the first time..
 Those who say that my mimics should not be frozen, my expression and gaze should not change..
 Those who start getting botox at a young age and want to be the “prettiest of my age” in the future..
 Those who do not compromise on naturalness..
 Performers, those who do not have the luxury of compromising their facial expressions..
Our Suggestion For You “Baby Botox”..

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