Rhinoplasty is one of the most frequently performed aesthetic surgeries in our country… Revision, tamponade, deviation are now
words everyone knows. However, from time to time, we can confuse right and wrong with right. Alright
What are these reasons that lead us to failure?
The biggest mistake of someone who wants to have rhinoplasty is not choosing the right doctor. Definitely the nose
A doctor who specializes in surgery should be selected. This is the second time you needlessly
Protects from going under the knife.
Of course, no surgery is guaranteed, even in the best hands, a second surgery is required at a rate of 5%.
audible. But the risk is not the same for every doctor. Specialized in rhinoplasty, experienced, this
It is more general with your surgery to a surgeon who has been trained in the subject and follows the developments in the world.
There is a difference in terms of risk and success between having an operation to a working physician.
it is natural.
After mastering every point of the nose in rhinoplasty, where science and art come together, this
You can have success in surgery. However, if the perception of beauty is not developed enough, your surgeries will be monotonous.
It happens that this is an undesirable option for surgical rhinoplasty where science and art come together.
is the case. If you don’t have manual skills, you can’t be a good surgeon anyway.
My advice to you as a doctor is to call the doctors and ask, “How much is nose surgery? “don’t say
don’t ask. Patients who do price research as if they were buying a standard product should know that:
The result of your nose is not the same for every surgeon, so it is experienced and has a high success rate.
physicians’ wages are not below a certain standard. After all, you do not buy a TV or refrigerator in your home.
In the rhinoplasty campaign, she was operated on by credit card installments, but her nose collapsed and her curvature increased.
There are so many patients; The patient goes from doctor to doctor to fix them. After all, cheap surgery
When I say let me be, aesthetics becomes more expensive because of subsequent surgeries. Chances of success are reduced
is happening. It should not be forgotten that; Surgery performed with an untouched, unoperated tissue is better.
gives results.
As a surgeon, I can easily say that; traumatized or previously operated
Revision (correction) surgeries to be performed on patients are the group that challenges us the most. In these patients
we may have to take cartilage from the ear or rib, the surgeries take a long time and success
Chances are not always high. The same problem applies to patients with facial asymmetry.
What do you mean by facial asymmetry?
The left and right half of the face may not be symmetrical. Two-thirds of the people in our country have mid-face deformity.
available. Therefore, even if the nose is straight in the midline, due to the asymmetry on the face, the opposite glance
It may not stand straight, the distance between the eyes may not seem equal, this can sometimes cause problems.
It is necessary to talk to the patient before the operation.
Finally, I must say that; The majority of our society has oily and thick skin tissue.
Unfortunately, this structure creates a disadvantage in rhinoplasty, the tissue takes a long time to heal.

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