Rational Choices While Eating Out

Today, many people spend at least one meal a day consuming fast-moving goods prepared in haste, menus chosen without thinking in restaurants, or pizza and sandwiches ordered online at the office. In this way, your daily needs in terms of nutrition may not be fully met. In fact, eating out is not a saboteur of your health and fitness when you know how to make the right choices. By using smart nutrition strategies, you can make good choices on the menu. Here are 20 important tips to guide you when feeding outside the home:

01. First of all, plan well where you will eat. Choose places that offer wide menu options. This allows variety in your choices.

02. Avoid skipping breakfast or lunch in preparation for a restaurant dinner. This strategy often works in the opposite direction by trapping you, and you end up eating more than you planned.

03. Make your choice after carefully reviewing the entire menu. Most restaurants are now on the menu “Healthy Choices”, “Diet Meals”or “Light Starters” It offers a special section. If you are careful in your weight control, place your orders from this section if possible.

04. Among the menu phrases; baked (baked), boiled (broiled), grill (grilled), steamed (steamed)Make choices knowing that the meals expressed in the form contain less fat and calories.

05. Containing high fat content and excess calories; Eliminate foods prepared with cream, butter, fried and fatty sauces.

06.If the description of the food on the menu is insufficient, to the waiter for detailed information; Is the meat grilled or fried?”, “How was the sauce prepared?”, “Is there cream in the sauce? “Do not hesitate to ask questions such as:

07. Instead of acidic drinks and ready-made fruit juices, prefer buttermilk, soda, freshly squeezed fruit juice or just water. With a sugary beverage preference, reduce the calories of your meal to 150 calories on average. Don’t forget to increase more.

08. Order only what you want instead of dishes chosen by other people at the table. For example, you don’t have to eat appetizers before your meal just because your friend ordered it.

09. The food portions of some restaurants can be very large, so much so that sometimes they can even contain enough for two people. In these cases, it may be better to order a half portion if possible or share it with the person you come with. Another suggestion is to order an order from the children’s menu.

10.If you are not successful in limiting the amount of warm bread that comes to your table, you can ask the waiter to bring a slice or lift the bread basket directly.

11th. Be mindful of alcohol intake at meals. When we think of it as a source of empty calories, which increase the amount of food you consume, without nutritional value, alcohol should not exceed 1 glass for women and 2 glasses for men.

12. If you’re looking to end a long, enjoyable meal with a sweet ending, choose a fruit platter or a light dessert if possible. If you insist on a high-calorie dessert, try ordering one and sharing it with everyone at the table.

13.Enrich the content by adding tomatoes, lettuce, parsley, peppers and various vegetables to any sandwich for nutritional support.

14. Side dishes such as french fries and rice that come with your meals; replace it with alternatives such as cold cuts or boiled vegetables, baked potato wedges.

15. Side dishes such as french fries and rice that come with your meals; replace it with alternatives such as cold cuts or boiled vegetables, baked potato wedges.

16. Take a look at the wrap list on the menu before deciding on your order. Wraps prepared with grilled chicken, seafood or grilled vegetables are generally not very high-calorie.

17.Thinking that you might consume too much “unlimited dishes” do not order. Unlimited meals in this way will cause you to take more calories than necessary.

18.If the food you ordered was not prepared the way you wanted, feel free to send it back.

19. Do not use mayonnaise in your salads and sandwiches. Get an extra 60 calories with a small pack of mayonnaise. and 5 g. Don’t forget to get oil.

20. Always consider variety and moderation. Do not consume the same type of food every day. And enjoy every taste of life…

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