Raising drug-free children

Family relationships are of great importance in susceptibility to drug addiction. Another reason for substance abuse is the lack of bond between the family and the child, rather than the lack of discipline.

Tips for parents to raise drug-free individuals:

Listen to your child’s problems without judgment

Let your child express his fear, anxiety, anger

Don’t punish for changing your child’s behavior

Don’t force your child for academic success

Teach your child a sense of responsibility

Spend regular one-on-one time with your child

Get to know your child’s friends well and don’t ignore their impact on your child

Do not bribe your child’s pocket money.

Do not pressure your child to grow up quickly

Find the source of your problems in the family

Do not make negative comments about your child’s appearance

Teach your child how to fly drug-free

Tell your child about drugs

Don’t forget the importance of your father

Trust your child’s choices

Teach your child to deal with stress

Make suggestions to help your child overcome drug-related temptations

Encourage your child to have hobbies

Pay attention to whether your child is exposed to discriminatory behaviors that prevent him from feeling that he is an individual among his friends.

Make your child feel that you love and accept them unconditionally.

Teach your child the legal consequences of using drugs

Let your child grieve over a loss

Do not hesitate to seek professional help during your child’s depression.

Get treatment if you have a drug or alcohol addiction

Find the real reason for your anger towards your child

Don’t be overprotective of your child

Be part of the solution to help your child cope with the factors that lead to addiction (out of your control)

Leave your child free to choose a career

And listen to your child, listen, listen……

The most basic symptom of addiction is the denial that he has a drug problem. If your child uses drugs, talk lovingly with him, remember that drug addicts are patients who need medical treatment, persuade your child to seek treatment….

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