Raising Children with Positive Self-Esteem

We all know that people who believe in themselves and find the strength to succeed are more courageous, ready to try and therefore more productive. One of the most important factors affecting a person’s courage, productivity and even happiness is ‘positive self-perception’.

There are many factors that affect the formation of a person’s self-esteem in a positive way. The childhood years, when the foundation of self formation is laid, are important for us.

In children, this image begins to develop with the influence of their parents. Children who are supported and cared for by their parents can develop positive self-esteem.

So, how do we raise children with a positive sense of self?

Give Your Child a Choice: It makes them feel empowered by offering reasonable choices predetermined by you. For example, you can offer your child a choice of eggs or pancakes for breakfast. Experiencing making choices at a young age will help prepare your child for the more difficult choices he will face as he grows up.

Don’t Do Everything For Him: Be patient and let him handle what he can do. For example, it may be quicker and easier to dress your preschooler, but letting your child do it helps them learn new skills. The more he encounters new challenges in early childhood, the more competent and confident he becomes.

Remind yourself that there is always a chance to make mistakes: He should convey that no one is perfect and he should know that no one expects him to be perfect. The way you react to children’s mistakes also shapes their reaction to them. You should make him feel that he can show himself compassion when necessary.

Avoid Unwarranted and Exaggerated Praise: Children are adept at detecting insincere and unfounded praise. You can often praise your child for encouragement, but be mindful of the way you do it. For example, ‘Wow! Instead of praising you with ‘You are the best painter in the world’, ‘Hmm.. you preferred to use yellow color, it looks nice. Also, you didn’t forget to draw your father’s beard. I love that you draw our whole family like this.’ It would be a more appropriate compliment to emphasize the details you noticed from the picture he drew.

Do Not Compare With Others: Every child is unique and has its own characteristics. Comparisons with his sibling or someone else may make him feel worthless.

Dear Parents, a positive sense of self is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child. Children with high self-esteem feel loved and loved and become happier individuals. This self-respect and belief leads them to be more productive and creative people.

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