Cardiology Specialist Dr. Özgür Öz said that in the first days of quitting smoking, depending on the increase in the oxygen level in the blood, the energy of the person is restored and there is a decrease in stress factors.

Making a statement on February 9, World No Smoking Day, Cardiology Specialist Dr. Özgür Öz stated that the nicotine substance in cigarettes is addictive rather than harmful to health. Stating that smoking is a habit-forming substance that is frequently consumed in society, Dr. Oz said: “Smoking is also a substance addiction. We know that it has very serious harms according to the substances it contains. The most well known is nicotine. Nicotine is actually a molecule that triggers addiction rather than being harmful to health. Other molecules in its main structure cause more harm to the person. Cigarettes, in particular, affect proteins in the blood. It binds and causes the blood to be deprived of oxygen. This can cause discomfort in the body such as weakness and fatigue. Apart from that, other molecules contained in cigarettes can cause damage as oxident molecules in places they go. One of the organs most exposed to smoking is the lung. That’s why everyone knows lung disease, but smoking is the worst. “The biggest damage is actually to the Cardiovascular System. Due to the prevalence of cardiovascular diseases, there is a 10 times higher risk of death than lung cancer.”


Mentioning that smoking during pregnancy is much more dangerous, Dr. Öz stated that the child was exposed to these harmful molecules simultaneously, “It can cause problems such as the emergence of diseases, developmental disorders, vascular problems, and miscarriages in children. We need to protect our children from smoking starting from pregnancy. After birth, children imitate their elders. Smoking near them can encourage them. In this respect, especially young children are affected by cigarettes much more because their structure is very delicate. We take us as an example and increase their potential to become addicted to cigarettes in the future. That’s why we should never approach cigarettes in the presence of children, never show them to them.”he said.


Noting that there are some changes in the body with the cessation of smoking, Dr. Oz said: “First of all, the oxygen level in the blood increases. This person also creates a state of well-being. The strength, strength and energy of the person comes back. This situation begins to manifest itself in the first days of quitting smoking. Over time, the harmful effects of smoking on the body try to be eliminated in a short time as the body restructures itself, and the body begins to recover itself. After about a year, the risk of having a heart attack can go down to the level of non-smokers.”

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