Quarantine Not Vacation

This process is not a vacation. This is a quarantine. The word quarantine (Ital. quarantina “forty days”) has acquired this meaning because in the Middle Ages, those traveling by ship were forbidden to go ashore for forty days when they reached a place.
In this process, it is necessary to act with this awareness. Of course, panic does not mean living in anxiety and fear. But in order to be conscious, to be, and to remain, we must not forget this. American psychologist Abraham Maslow says that humanity has a hierarchy of needs pyramid.
He says that we can only be ourselves if we fulfill our needs starting from the lowest level.
According to Maslow, internal motivation is more important than external motivation. What will provide internal motivation is the needs of the person within himself. In these needs, it will not make sense to meet the higher-level needs in a hierarchy and without meeting the lower-level needs within this hierarchy.
Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs;
Physiological Needs: Hunger, thirst and similar basic vital needs
Need for Security: Protection from dangers caused by external factors
Social Needs: Belonging, love, acceptance, social life, etc.
Need for Value/Dignity: Status, achievement, reputation, recognition
Self-Actualization: Development, successful completion of a task, creativity
Based on this, in these pandemic (corona) days we are in, it would be meaningless to go to other steps or to tell people to pass without meeting the first step of the pyramid first.
This process is called “stay at home”, but it also includes many contradictions, such as the fact that people have to work. There may be tensions in the communication between spouses or parents and children at home. It is normal to experience this process because the society is tense and the world is tense. The sense of guilt can be very high. People can blame themselves for the stress they experience. This kind of thinking will harm the person himself.

Must try to stay calm

Must be able to empathize with the people in contact with at home

Maintain your own intrinsic motivation
(For this, he can do the things he likes to distract him)

There must also be a suggestion that these days will end and everything will be alright again.
Especially if there are children at home, this process should minimize their anxiety, as it may create post-traumatic stress disorder in them. In order to do this, we must first relieve our own anxiety.

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