Purity in polluted waters

Lotus Flower is one of the most pleasant flowers symbolizing spirituality, spirituality and cleanliness. The lotus flower, blooming in the polluted waters of the rainforest, has managed to become a symbol of beliefs such as Buddhism and Hinduism with its beauty and purity. However, in many ancient civilizations, the lotus flower is considered sacred. Especially in Ancient Egypt, the lotus flower was highly valued.

Another detail that makes the lotus flower special is the region where the flower grows. The lotus flower, which grows especially in areas such as swamps and muddy lands, can remain clean despite the polluted environment in which it grows. The lotus flower, which can clean even a single speck of dust placed on it, greets those who come across it with a pure white beauty.

We encounter this cycle in our lives. A teacher is looking for a lotus flower in a student who has potential but gets caught by his friends, a mother in her child who cries all the time, does not fulfill her responsibilities but is essentially compatible, a master is looking for a lotus flower in her apprentice who is actually talented but makes a mistake.

Perhaps one of the difficulties of being a human is to reach goodness from evils. To face the world’s ambition, to prefer good values..

The oasis in the desert is at the end of this road, who knows.

Who knows, it takes a rainstorm for a rainbow…

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