Pumpkin Miracle

Greetings to everyone from the last working day of the week

Coming to those who are late for dinner after a busy day, this is my favorite food

Baked pumpkin

Especially if you find it difficult to consume vegetables with meat dishes and if you want a balanced meal, I can recommend the pumpkin with olive oil in the oven. It is a good herbal source of LUTEIN and ZEAKSANTIN, which are also used in the treatment and protection of macular degeneration seen in advanced ages, especially for eye health.

In addition to all these, 100 grams of raw pumpkin contains 820 mcg of Beta carotene. If we look at its common effects, it is used in the prevention of colon cancer, stroke and cardiovascular diseases, while its core contains almost as powerful components as itself. With its high antioxidant capacity, it has been shown in experiments that it is effective against intestinal parasites and accompanying urinary problems, and also protects from atherosclerosis and reduces the risk of bladder stones.

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