What a difficult time adolescence.
Lots of uncertainty.
Sudden mood swings, body changes.
Mourning the end of childhood, a fear of becoming an adult.
Ah, what a difficult period of puberty.
On the other hand, what a difficult thing to be a parent of adolescents..
The child you accompany every moment you raise with your hands accuses you of not understanding him. He does not want to spend time with you, does not share it.. Something is happening, but he wants to live away from you. How helpless it feels sometimes.
Sometimes he says he hates you, he says leave me alone, he says I’m sick of it.
In fact, when he needs you the most..
A tension always prevails in adolescent homes.
In fact, while parents want to get closer to the adolescent, while the teenager needs his parents..
Actually, he doesn’t want to say so, dear parent!
He needs some breathing room. The outside world is scary, but he wants to know. He wants to experience. Your support is most needed here, dear parent!
He’s already living inside himself, bigger than the one he’s in conflict with you.
The anger he reflects on you is very healthy, however..

To the futures that we understand and understand more..
Hatice Alpagut

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