Psychotherapy is a “tailor-made” treatment

I am an experienced patient as much as you are an experienced doctor.”

The Brothers Karamazov / FM Dostoevsky

“I am mentally ill. I’m a psychiatric patient.”

There is no concept of illness in psychiatry. Because, in medicine, only certain tables that are caused by a certain reason are meant as a disease. The first reason why it is not defined by the concept of disease is that psychiatric disorders can arise from various reasons, from the interaction of more than one cause. There are not always concrete, obvious factors involved. It is unclear which and how effective the effects of personality traits, genetic factors, environmental, socioeconomic-cultural factors are. The second reason is that the same reasons may not affect another. Although many people have experienced the same social events, not everyone may be traumatized; may not show signs of post-traumatic stress disorder. The third reason can be seen in conjunction with other disorders. A person who has experienced a loss may show depressive symptoms after the grieving process. Depressive symptoms can evolve into an anxious state in someone who is experiencing the possibility of another loss again. It can show both depressive and anxiety symptoms; may be diagnosed with adjustment disorder.

Tightly tying the cause and effect relationship can lead to false conclusions. For all these reasons, the word “disorder” is preferred over the word “disease” in psychiatry, which excludes the causality point of view. Many challenging or distressing situations may qualify as “disorders” if they have disharmonious consequences in daily functioning or in a person’s abilities and interpersonal relationships. Otherwise, although many people experience the same difficulties and distressing situations, they can lead their lives very comfortably and their functionality is not affected by this situation. The criterion to be kept in mind is that the person “complains himself” or exhibits behaviors that cause disharmony in the public order. Except for legal matters, “compulsory” treatment cannot be applied without the consent of the person.

“Do me therapy too”

Psychiatric and psychological problems All techniques and methods aimed at eliminating or reducing emotional, mental or behavioral disorders are defined as psychotherapy. The word psychotherapy, which originates from Greek, is derived from the combination of the words psycho (mind, soul) and therapy (treatment, cure). The target audience of psychotherapy is not only adults with psychopathology; Children, adolescents, families, couples and various groups can also benefit from this service.

Psychotherapy does not aim to treat mental and mental health disorders only;at the same time, to solve life difficulties in various fields such as work, family, school, It also aims to increase psychological adjustment and help personal development.While doing this, it makes use of various methods and schools.

Psychotherapy is not “mandatory” treatments, nor is it standardized treatments that can be applied to everyone in the same way. One of the most common jargons used for psychiatry is “there is no disease, there is a patient.” In other words, treatment is applied to the problems specific to the individual by taking the scientific methodological knowledge specific to the individual as a reference. Treatment is not just a process in which therapeutic techniques are applied. The effect of the empathic approach on healing cannot be ignored. Empathy alone does not ensure well-being, and techniques alone do not guarantee well-being. Therapy is the process by which scientific knowledge-based techniques are applied in an empathetic relationship.

The experiences of the “experienced patient” with their difficulties and the therapy they learn from those experiences become meaningful. A natural consequence of psychotherapy is to make the meaningless meaningful. But we can intervene “good” in what we understand. Change happens not by thinking, but by action.

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