People are active in many areas of life. They take part in their family life, school, work and social life in different ways. Sometimes they exist as mothers, fathers, children, sometimes as students, teachers, friends, etc. They live, they communicate with other people, and they may experience some difficulties as life goes on. These problems can sometimes be in family life, sometimes in business life; sometimes they have a problem with their friends, sometimes something happens in their school life. In summary, sometimes they experience small things and sometimes things that are difficult to carry.

Life is a long road and it’s normal for everyone to have their ups and downs. When you are so active in so many areas in life and when you are in contact with people, it is the healthiest choice to get support instead of magnifying the problems inside. Mental troubles, problems in relationships or unresolved problems do not indicate that a person is weak. It is very normal for every person to sometimes need to talk, to explain himself, to be understood or to understand himself, and at this point, it is the healthiest thing to have an outside eye, to be someone who has been trained in this job and who can establish a safe relationship without judgment or reasoning.

At this point, meeting with a psychologist, getting psychotherapy is the same thing as finding a specialist when there is a physical disorder and getting treatment. Because psychologists are also experts who can be consulted for the solution of mental disorders, troubles and problems. Psychologists accompany the person on the way to explain himself, solve his problems and protect his mental health, and they determine a way for the process within the framework of trust, understanding and respect. With the education they have received, they walk together with the client without judgment, without giving advice, within the framework of trust and understanding when approaching the person.

In fact, psychologists, knowing that mental health affects physical health in psychotherapy, apply a treatment that progresses through bilateral communication and talking in order to understand and solve the attitudes, feelings and behaviors of the person himself or the people around him. Psychotherapy is a way of solving only daily troubles, maybe problems in human relations, maybe psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, or just to talk, to be listened to, to be understood, even to understand oneself, and psychologists accompany the person with whatever expectation they set out, while accompanying the person. helps him in satisfying his deepest needs.

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