Psychology of the self and the problem of adjustment – heinz hartmann

Heinz Hartmann argues that ego psychology cannot be separated from psychoanalysis, arguing that it is not actually a different theory from psychoanalysis, but that it explains the importance that psychoanalysis should give to the ego. Anna adds Freud’s term “the unconscious area of ​​the ego” to the “conflict-free area of ​​the ego”. She says that the ego has many adaptive factors, apart from resolving the conflict. contributing to its functions; explores the terms intelligence, fantasy, avoidance to trigger further investigation. the ego; He divides it into parts in the form of harmony, inhibition, synthesis. It pays particular attention to the adaptive aspect of intelligence. He talks about the importance of the ego for education, arts, religion, health and sciences. A short but concise book for getting to know the ego.

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